Art in ritual

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There are many different ways to use art (or objects that are also art) in rituals – but how do you get started? And what can you do with some simple items if you don’t have much to start with? This article has ideas and practical options. Continue reading

Where might you do ritual?

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One common question is whether it’s better to do ritual inside or outside, and why. This article talks about ways I look at where to do ritual, and offers some practical advice to make sure you look at all the different safety and logistical considerations. Continue reading

What’s a circle for?

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People are often confused about the role of the circle in religious witchcraft. There are a number of possible answers to this, and which ones apply to what you’re doing depend a lot on you, what you’re doing, and some other things I’ll talk about in this article. Continue reading


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Many people get a little confused about how the Sabbats fit together. There’s a good reason for this, which is that different traditions use different ways to connect and join them. Continue reading

What is ritual?

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Ritual is both fundamental to many religions and also sometimes very confusing. This article looks at some different aspects of ritual, and specifically how and why it’s used in religious witchcraft. Continue reading

How do we do ritual?

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There are of course, many different ways to do ritual. Even within religious witchcraft traditions, different parts may appear or not – or they may be in different orders. This article provides a basic overview to help you get a sense of common approaches. Continue reading

What to wear

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It can seem like a small thing, but a lot of people worry about what to wear for their first time at a public Pagan event or ritual. I did, and I don’t normally worry too much about clothing. (Though I am the daughter of a theatre professor who grew… Continue reading