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Many religious traditions have the practice of making offerings of different kinds to deities or other beings as part of a regular practice. Figuring out how to include offerings in your practice is sometimes complicated to sort out. Goal One good thing to sort out is why you’re making the… Continue reading

Art in ritual

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There are many different ways to use art (or objects that are also art) in rituals – but how do you get started? And what can you do with some simple items if you don’t have much to start with? This article has ideas and practical options. Continue reading

Incense and alternatives

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A regular issue for people who have scent or smoke allergies (or who live with or do ritual with people who do) is what to do about incense in ritual. This article talks about alternatives and options. What are your actual limitations and why? What is the incense used for… Continue reading


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This page is the longest on this site, because it’s all about doing things. Begin with the core skills, and then you can work your way down through the other sections as they make sense to you and your learning. Want to adjust to your specific needs or situation? Check… Continue reading