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This page talks about important concepts that come up a lot when talking about Paganism, religious witchcraft, and related topics. The links that follow discuss key ideas in more detail Common terms : commonly used words when talking about Pagan religions Deities : different ways Pagans look at and talk about deity.… Continue reading

Why religious witchcraft?

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I have a lot of pages here about how to do things, or why you might want to learn something, but not so many about why you might choose either doing or learning in the first place. This article is about some reasons to consider religious witchcraft as a religious… Continue reading

Wicca can be anything, right?

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“Wicca is anything you want it to be.” comes up every so often. It goes like this: someone – often very well-meaning – gets interested in modern Paganism, reads some books, and thinks that they’ve found a religious path in which they are entirely free to do anything they want,… Continue reading

What path am I?

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On the forums I spend time on, one of the most common kinds of early questions is someone coming in and saying “Here’s what I believe, what path am I?” It’s a totally understandable question, especially for people coming from Christianity (where nuances of belief are often a big dividing… Continue reading


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Curious about astrology? Here’s a long comment I made elsewhere online which covers some of the basics until I can write up something more thorough. Continue reading

Tarot introduction

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Many books have been written on the topic of Tarot, so this is only a very general summary – essentially, enough to make some sense out of the questions “Why might I be interested?” and “When I read conversations about it, what are these terms people are using?” Continue reading


Concepts : white key at an angle on orange red circle.

As you read various books and websites, you’ll start seeing (if you haven’t already) long lists of how this plant is associated with this planet, or that deity, or that day of the week, or that concept (love, prosperity, healing, whatever.) These are called ‘correspondences’. One magical theory is that… Continue reading

Altars and shrines

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What’s an altar? How is it different from a shrine? If you’re confused by these and other questions, you’re definitely not alone. Here’s some help in sorting out the differences and what might be helpful practices. Continue reading

Visualisation and meditation

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One of the most potent ideas in magic and ritual is creating what we want to have happen in our minds, so that we can focus and direct our energy into making it happen. (This is just as true when we’re talking about practical goals as magical ones, of course.)… Continue reading