Witch in Practice: Week 31

A quiet week, largely.

Last week

I started working through the 22 Weeks with the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot in earnest, and I’m liking the structure it gives to time (especially at the moment.)

We were scheduled to do an initiates discussion of athames as tools, rescheduled to next weekend.

I got a grocery delivery on Thursday, which included a fair bit of fresh produce, so I have been cheerfully cooking that and also trying to get a better grip on my pantry lists. I spent about 2.5 hours on Sunday deep cleaning the kitchen, which feels great.

I am in the middle of book editing, which is always sort of a slog, because I can’t do it on workdays (not enough brain!) so I end up having to do large batches on the weekend, and that doesn’t leave a ton of time for other things.

This week

Monday was a holiday – Massachusetts has a state holiday for Patriots Day, a celebration of the Battles of Lexington and Concord. It’s also usually Marathon Day, though not this year.

My weekend holds a dedicant class (ritual theory part 2, namely the Wheel of the Year, other ritual cycles, and other times we might do ritual), and the rescheduled athame discussion.

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