Witch in Practice: Week 24

Last week

Saturday: We had our first initiate discussion as a coven! Very exciting. We talked through the initiation ritual in a bit more detail, now it’s had time to settle, and then started what is known in the tradition as the Infamous Tools Worksheet, a deep dive into ritual tools in theory and practice. I’m looking forward to it!

Sunday: I had a consult with Ivy of Circle Thrice, which I’ve been contemplating doing for a bit, but I finally hit a point of wanting someone to help me refine and strategise about two different sets of magical goals.

One is some better integration of stuff that’s good for me (food, exercise, etc. I’m pretty good at getting enough sleep, because it’s my easiest to manage migraine trigger. Migraines are really good incentive to fix a thing.) The other is looking at some magic to support the romance writing to increase income there in ways I feel good about (and that are good for the people who might enjoy reading my stuff.)

This lead to a discussion of “Given what you’ve said about your practice, have you considered added a solar-focused deity” (because mostly my primary deity work is either All The Water or cthonic. Which are both great in their ways, but not optimal for certain kinds of energy management needs.) So I am cheerfully contemplating that.

This week

Voting in Super Tuesday tomorrow morning, a vet appointment for the cat in the afternoon.

Saturday we have a full moon ritual (for scheduling reasons – I’ve got an out of town work trip with awful flight times – we’re not going to manage to do a spring equinox ritual). So we’re doing one of my favourite magical workings with protection eggs.

Take an egg, blow out the contents (small hole at the narrow end of the egg, bigger one at the bottom) into a bowl (make something with them later). Decorate with protective symbols/words/etc. Fill with a mix of herbs/etc. that you like and are suited. Charge. Hang by your door or in another suitable place.

Sunday, I’m doing a hypnosis session with a friend I’ve been doing other discussions with, and I’m curious to see how that goes.

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