Witch in Practice: Week 22

Last week

Mostly low-key. (I have had more migraines than usual, due to a combo of a new med and weather patterns, which does not leave a ton of energy for other things.)

Saturday, we had Dedicant class (they’re now just about exactly half way through Dedicant year), covering magical theory and theory of divination, as well as talking through about where they should be on some longer-term assignments.

Sunday, I managed some notes for initiate discussion and a plan of attack (our first one is on the 29th), and wrote up the class notes for the Dedicants, and … yeah.

This week

I am finally almost caught up on other projects eating my brain, caught up on one bit of consulting work, and have a good sense of when I’ll likely finish the other, which means next weekend is joyfully sorta free!

By which I mean it will likely have laundry in it, and some other tasks, and a bunch of writing, but that’s good.

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