Witch in Practice: Week 21

Last week

I did my taxes! (With the help of a great tax preparer, since this year’s taxes involved self-employment income that made things more complicated. If you need a rec, let me know through the contact form and I’ll tell you more. I’m in the US, they’re online, and work with people in any state, with a focus on artists and freelancers.)

Not witchy, exactly, only … it turned out that the money I’d been setting aside in case of taxes mostly wasn’t needed, so I bought a laptop with it. (I’ve previously been using an iPad and keyboard when travelling, but I have three trips between now and the middle of July, and there are applications useful for my writing I can’t access on the iPad.)

It came on Friday (it’s a refurbished 2019 MacBook Air) and I spent a chunk of Friday setting it up. I’m already finding it great when I want to focus on writing (since I set it up so most distracting things aren’t easy to get to on it…) I’m feeling much more like this is even more an explicit magical tool than most of my tech, and I plan to write about that at some point.

It also made a great excuse to clean up a bunch of my bookmarks and other files, though that’s still a work in progress.

Saturday: I spent Saturday up at friends for their community Imbolc feast and sharing of creativity with a couple of my students. It was great to have some amiable social time, followed by plenty of great food.

This week

Saturday we are doing our magical theory class and intro to divination (combined, because I had to cancel due to ugh two weeks ago.) They are both topics where we get good conversations going, so I’m looking forward to that.

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