Witch in Practice: Week 20

Welcome to February! And happy Imbolc, for those for whom that is the thing.

Last week

A busy week in non-magical corners: I had a doctor’s appointment and the monthly dinner with friends.

Friday: Meeting for the ongoing project to discuss getting some metro-Boston Pagan events going. (Watch this space for more info on a meet-and-greet in April if you’re in/near the Boston area.)

Saturday: Imbolc ritual and class with my coven, which was delightful.

I’m still a bit under the weather and running tired and have two other big projects needing brain (organizational consulting I do for a friend, and working on the next book editing), so I didn’t get much study done on Sunday.

I did have what I think is the most Virgo (my sun sign) and Capricorn (my rising sign) moment of my life. I went grocery shopping on Friday before the meeting, came home, and had about an hour free. I discovered I’d just gotten the last tax document I needed, so I sat down and uploaded everything for the tax preparer. (Appointment online this week.)

This week

Mostly quieter (an online meeting for one of my courses), and then the Imbolc celebration friends host nearby, which is a chance to have excellent food, good company, and focus on the creative projects we’ve been doing, among other things. It’s an all afternoon/early evening affair.

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