Witch in Practice: Week 19

A very quiet week last week, partly due to the ongoing annoyance of chronic health issues.

I’ve been feeling under the weather for about two weeks. It could be one of said chronic things flaring, it could be the weather, it could be side effects of the most recent medication change (since 2-3 weeks ago is about when it would have hit full efficacy).

This particular variant has involved brain fog, exhaustion, and a lot of inability to focus. I’ve been here before, so I have coping mechanisms, but it’s still really tedious.

I made the decision on Wednesday to cancel Dedicant class for the weekend – I hate doing that, but I knew I was at “I can prep for this class or I can do this class, and I can’t do both.”

Two days of sleeping late, doing some other restful things, and not doing anything substantial on Saturday other than some minimal writing helped a fair bit, but I can tell I need to be very deliberate about my time and energy for the next week or two.

I did manage a New Moon divinatory reading (um, on Sunday), and my usual weekly offerings, but that was about it.

This week

Doctor’s appointment, a regular monthly dinner with friends, and maybe a meeting, then our Imbolc ritual (and class) on Saturday.

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