Phoenix Song is based in Arlington, Massachusetts, northwest of Boston.

We are a small coven working in a particular tradition of initiatory religious witchcraft. Learn more about what we mean by that on the rest of this site.

The coven meets in person for Sabbats when possible, with other meetings and classes online via Zoom.

I’m Jenett, high priestess of the coven. (Jenett is pronounced like then-it, or Janet with more Jen at the beginning.)

Interested in learning more about the coven?

We open to new Seekers interested to the group on a regular basis (roughly once a year). We currently expect the next cycle will begin in the late spring of 2025.

However, we’re open to talking to interested Seekers at any time. We’re also glad share resources about religious witchcraft and Wicca, or related topics.

If you’re interested in possibly learning about Phoenix Song, start by reading about our tradition and coven then explore the answers to some common questions. If you’re still interested, read about the membership process and send the email described there.

We’re open to inquiries about the tradition and coven at any time.

Looking for general resources?

I’m glad to share resources at any time (local and otherwise). I have an extensive website with many articles about witchcraft and related topics, called Seeking, and I’m glad to chat in email about them.

You can find out about some other options for resources, or feel free to get in touch if you’ve just got a general question.

(Last updated on March 31, 2024)