Other options

I love helping people learn more and connect with others, so even if I can’t help you directly with training, I may be able to point you toward some great resources depending on your questions and interests. This page explains some of the options.

Want to meet other witches in the area?

Right now, no coffee shop meetings (and I don’t anticipate being able to do them for a while – I’m high risk for complications for Covid).

I am, however, delighted to chat over email or over video as my schedule and energy allow. It may take a couple of weeks for me to have time for a video chat, depending on my other commitments. Contact me (info on my contact page), including what you’re interested in, and we can take it from there by email.

Curious about religious witchcraft?

My Seeking site has over 120 essays on various witchcraft topics. You’re welcome to send me questions or comments through the contact form on that site, and I usually reply within a day or two.

The Seeking site focuses on material I’m comfortable sharing in public with a wide range of people: many parts of my practice are not discussed in detail there. (So if you think it’s too basic, but you’re otherwise finding what I say interesting, please contact me and we can talk more.)

Workshops and one-time sessions

I’m definitely open to discussing one-time or short-series workshops on different topics. A list of possible topics plus more specific information about my background and previous workshops and teaching experience is available on my Seeking site.

Structured training and group work

I love teaching in person, but for a variety of reasons, I’m only available for ongoing in-person training and group work with people who are interested in learning and using my specific tradition’s practices (rather than general witchcraft or religious witchcraft material, like what is covered on the Seeking site.)

I am often willing and able to share books, resources, or ideas of where else to explore if you’re looking for something related to religious witchcraft that I don’t do.

(Last updated: March 30, 2021)