Contact me

How to contact me: Email me at
(Don’t use email? See the end of this page.)

If you are interested in casual conversation or general resources about religious witchcraft you might find my Seeking site (designed for people exploring religious witchcraft) of interest.

Beyond that, please feel free to email. It helps if you include:

  • what to call you (Craft name, nickname, whatever you’re comfortable with)
  • where you’re located (town and state, nearest city – I don’t need your street address or anything like that)
  • a paragraph or two about your background (what you know already, and some sources you’ve found useful)
  • what you’re interested in talking more about

If you are interested in being considered as a student working towards initiation: Please read all the pages on this site, and follow the steps outlined on the Membership process page.

Response time: Generally, you’ll get a response in 2-3 days, unless I am travelling or offline for some other reason. If you don’t hear anything after 2-3 weeks, please try again: chances are very good something went missing somehow.

If you don’t use email: I strongly prefer email for a variety of reasons. If email doesn’t work for you, please let me know what options do through the contact form at my Seeking site, but be aware it may limit what I’m able to offer as far as ongoing conversation, training, or other opportunities.

(Last updated on September 14, 2021)