Welcome. I’m Jenett. (It’s pronounced like then-it or Janet with more Jen at the beginning. One n, two ts.)

Phoenix Song is a small coven based in Arlington, Massachusetts (just northwest of Boston.) We work in an initiatory religious witchcraft tradition.

These pages are designed to tell you more about the coven, my training, the tradition we practice, and what I (and the group) am able to offer.

Start with the Group Work and Teaching page, and follow the links from there for additional important information what is involved. Many common questions are answered on the site in the links above and in the sidebar, but if your question isn’t answered on the site, please feel free to contact me.

As of the summer of 2018, Phoenix Song consists of me (Jenett) and two students of the tradition.

If you’re interested in the group, I’m glad to talk to you (if it seems like there’s a possible fit after you read this site) but anticipate it would be early 2019 before starting another round of teaching and early group work. I’d be glad to talk about some interim options in that case.

Not sure you’re interested in coven work (or this particular coven…), but would like to connect or get help with resources? Check out this page for more information about other options. 

[last updated September 2018]