About us

Welcome. I’m Jenett, the high priestess of Phoenix Song.

Phoenix Song began as a small coven in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the spring of 2008 (when I hived off my parent group, The Circle of the Phoenix after earning my 3rd degree.) I and a friend worked together for a while, and began working with possible students. But as lives do, several major changes came up (job changes, health changes, and then a lot of figuring out what the next things in my life were going to be.)

In the summer of 2011, I was offered a new job in western Maine, and moved back to New England (where I grew up). That’s made for a lot of changes, though I love Maine.

At present: (it’s October 2012, as I write this)
I’ve spent the past year settling into a new job, a new place to live, and beginning to get a feel for the state and regional Pagan community. (And then moving to an apartment that’s a slightly better fit for small group work or teaching.)

Right now, I’m particularly open to :

  • getting to know Pagans in Maine, and am glad to arrange to meet for coffee/a meal if it’s at all feasible.
  • helping with general questions about Paganism, religious witchcraft, and related topics either by email or in person (you might also find one of my other sites helpful.)
  • teaching core basic skills (centering, grounding, simple ritual.)
  • covering how to find and evaluate Pagan information (a particular specialty.)
  • other workshop type things (I like teaching…)

Group work:
Currently, I do not have a coven or working group, but would love to move in that direction again. If you think you might be interested either in initiatory training or in coven work, please read the Coven Membership page carefully. If you are still interested when you’ve spent some time thinking about it, follow the instructions linked from that page.

If you’d like to learn more about me or the tradition, you can continue reading more details here. Questions? Take a look at the site first, but you can learn how to contact me here.