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One thing you’ll find as you learn more about Paganism is that there are many different views on the nature of deity. That’s true even for people working in the same group or path: two people standing beside each other in ritual might have quite different ideas! This page talks… Continue reading

What is religious witchcraft?

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Many people hear first about Wicca (a particular form of religious witchcraft) and never realise that there are other variations out there. So, I’m going at it the other direction: talking about the broader options, and then we’ll move on to Wicca (and different ways people use that term.) Continue reading

What is Paganism?

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The word ‘pagan’ has a long history, back to the Romans who used it to describe people who lived in the countryside. As the cities became Christian, it came to mean ‘people who aren’t Christian’. These days, Paganism with a capital P (and sometimes with a small one) has come… Continue reading