The elements

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Chances are, by this point in your reading, you’ve come across people referring to the elements in terms of Pagan practice. This article talks about why they’re relevant and useful. Continue reading


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Grounding is the term used broadly in the Pagan community to talk about getting rid of excess energy that we have picked up, and also to replenish our energy when it is low. Continue reading

Energy and you

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There’s energy all around us – science tells us this. But a number of traditions also teach that other kinds of things have energy: living beings, plants, crystals and rocks, all sorts of things. As witches, many of us believe that we can both sense the energies in these things… Continue reading

Different uses of the word Wicca

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People use the term Wicca in a wide variety of ways. On one hand, it makes some things easier (you can share a general idea of the broad foundation of what you do fast.) On the other hand, it makes a lot of things much harder – because people use… Continue reading

Setting aside assumptions from other religions

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Sometimes, Pagan religions – and especially religious witchcraft ones – are very confusing to people coming from other religions, especially Christianity. Many of the priorities and assumptions seem very different. There’s a good reasons for that: often they are! Here are a few things you might want to notice as… Continue reading

An introduction to Wicca

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People sometimes find the origin of Wicca both fascinating and complicated. This page begins with some historical context, and then goes into looking at some common ideas and practices. Continue reading

A few useful terms

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It might be helpful to cover some common terms you may come across in discussions of Paganism. Many of these terms are also used about other religions, but you may not have come across some of them before. Continue reading

Things Pagans (Often) Have In Common

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As I’ve said, Pagan paths don’t always have a lot in common. Here are a few things that we do commonly share (though not every path or Pagan will agree with everything here.) No single Book Unlike Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, Pagan religions are not religions of the Book, in… Continue reading

Before you start

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Pagans are all sorts of people. The Pagans I know are librarians and engineers, counselors and researchers, tech geeks and artists, writers and teachers, staying at home with their kids or working in retail, working in state jobs and for large corporations, and pretty much everything else you can imagine.… Continue reading