Letter of introduction

Through this website, and elsewhere on the web, I’ve shared a fair bit of information about Phoenix Song and about me with you, but I don’t (yet) know anything about you at all! The letter gives us a way to change that.

  • It helps me learn more about you and your specific interests.
  • It helps me decide if a face to face meeting is a good use of your time (and mine.)
  • If we meet, it helps us spend less time covering general background and more time digging deeply in a true conversation. I much prefer the conversation – it’s a lot more fun than running down a list of very basic questions.
  • You have time to think and reflect on your answers, and check details (like the names of authors, titles of books, or other specifics.)

Don’t worry, I don’t need your life story in every detail! I’m looking for a general overview. You will also want to read the membership process page for more about the next steps and the initiatory and coven information page for why I take time with this.

What I am looking for

Length is up to you. I suggest 1-2 paragraphs for each numbered question as a starting point. You might need a little more space for questions 2 and 3 if you have lots of previous Pagan experience or training. Letters shorter than that are usually leaving out information I ask about specifically.

I don’t need identifying details. I want to know what to call you in correspondence and when we meet, but that can be a public Craft name, a nickname, or anything else you choose. You also don’t need to share where you work, live, or any identifying details about your home and family.

I am interested in a general idea of how you spend your time and other commitments you have but this can be very broad. (For example, I might say “I’m a librarian” rather than “I’m a librarian at this specific library”.)

Your letter is a chance to share any practical concerns (like specific needs regarding scheduling or allergies), or other information that can be very important in group work.

Please use your own words. While parts of this website or my other writing may resonate with you, I want to hear about you and your interests in your own phrasing.

Submitting the letter

Send your replies to phoenixsong@gleewood.org as a plain text email with no attachments. I’ll get back to you shortly. (Generally, you’ll get some reply within 3-5 days. If you don’t hear anything after 2-3 weeks, please check: it’s possible it went missing in the ether somehow.)

The Letter

The points below each question give some things you might want to include. If something doesn’t apply to you, just ignore it. If there’s something I don’t ask that you think I should know up front, please include it.

1) Tell me a little about who you are.

  • What name should I call you? (And if the pronunciation isn’t obvious, I appreciate some help.)
  • How do you spend your time? This might include work, school, children or family, significant hobbies, or other interests.
  • Do you live with anyone else? If you have a spouse or partner, are they aware of your interest? Are they supportive? Do you have children? What ages?
  • A general idea of your age. (If you are comfortable sending astrological information for a chart – day, time, and location of birth – that’s great too, but if not, please just let me know how old you are.)

2) Your path:

  • Briefly, what is your religious background?
  • How do you describe your desired religious path? How have you learned about this path so far? (Books, online, classes, teachers, groups, etc.)
  • Please tell me briefly about a few specific sources you found helpful, and a few you didn’t. (These can be books, websites, experiences – whatever makes sense for you.)

3) Groups:

  • Why are you seeking a group at this time?
  • What do you hope for from group work?
  • Have you worked with any Wiccan, Pagan, magical, or esoteric groups in the past? If so, please describe your involvement briefly.
  • Are you currently working with or applying to/considering any other group at this time? Studying with a teacher or mentor?
  • Are you part of any online Pagan, witchy, or magical communities? (If so, please describe them briefly.)

4) Us:

  • How did you find out about Phoenix Song?
  • Given what you know so far, what particularly interests you about the group or tradition?
  • I hope our new members will add new and wonderful things to our group. What would you particularly like to bring to or do more with in group work?
  • Do you have any questions for us that are not discussed on this site?

5) Practical details

  • I strongly prefer email for group contacts. Please let me know your preferred email and about how often you check it. (multiple times a day, daily, every few days, etc.) If email is not feasible for you, what’s the best way to contact you?
  • Is there anything I should know that might significantly limit or affect participation in the group as described? (Scheduling, specific needs, other commitments, etc.)
  • When are generally good days/times you might be available to meet for an initial conversation?

6) Anything else?

Is there anything I haven’t asked about that is important to you to share right now?

[Last updated: January 2019]