Ten years perspective

About ten years (and two weeks) ago, I went to the first Seeker class with the group I would later join. It met in the back room of a coffee shop that isn’t there anymore, and several of the teachers left the group a few months later for various reasons.

It was not my first introduction to Paganism, or Wiccan-based practice, or magic. After all, I’d been reading fantasy books with characters who were Pagan for quite a while. I’d had some powerful experiences in college that lead me to explore some basic magical concepts like centering and grounding.

And I’d always believed that the Gods were many and varied, notes and strands of melody singing out in the cosmos in infinite combination, as only someone who was raised on daily stories of Greek mythology can.

I’d also taken my time.

I’d been an active Catholic throughout high school and … Continue reading

Plan A and Plan B

I just had what will be my last Sabbat (for a while, anyway) with the group I’ve been working with since 2001. That makes today a good time to talk more about Plan A and Plan B (and Plan Riff Until Ready)

Everyone in the group I’ve worked with since 2001 knows I’m hiving: it’s something I feel strongly called to do. I’ve talked about that recently.

There’s only one problem.

I have no earthly idea *where* my next job is going to be.Which is why my “I’m hiving” practical steps get a little tricky.

Recent planning

So, Wednesday night, I showed up at my friend L’s house, and in the hour before we left for our evening meeting, we came up with a plan.

Our basic outline:

We currently have 6 rituals planned out through Beltane:

  • February 16th : A full moon
  • March 8th: A tradition specific one
  • March 20th: Combined spring equinox (the 19th) and full moon (the 21st)
  • April 5th: A new moon
  • May 3rd: Beltane

I’m going to stop attending rituals with my current group on March 7th, but L’s going to continue ritual with them for the time being, so part of our scheduling is about not requiring her to be in two places at the same time.

We also need to schedule an evening of prep work for the March 8th ritual: this may not be a full blown ritual set-up, though.

Our goals:

Our immediate goals look something … Continue reading

Immediate plans

I’ve had this post titled “Plan A and Plan B” sitting in my drafts folder for, oh, two weeks now. See, I’m not sure where I’m going to end up getting the professional library job I’m looking for currently – and the details of establishing a new group depend to some extent on whether I stay local to the Twin Cities (what I really want!) or not. So, let’s try a slightly different take.

While I’m figuring out the job thing, I need some plans.