Leaving a group: the emotional side

I got several comments after my last post in various places about how I hadn’t talked about the emotional part of leaving a group. And they’re all right, I didn’t.

There’s a couple of reasons for that.

One is that I come from a stereotypically British family: talking about emotions at all, never mind mine in specific, is something I pretty much had to learn as an adult and proto-adult. (How I learned is an interesting story not relevant to this post). It’s still usually not the first thing I think of when talking about a subject.

But there’s another reason: I believe, quite strongly, that we can’t fundamentally control our emotions, but that we can (and often should) control what we do about them, or how we act based on them. So, when it comes to something like leaving a group – where we generally have advance warning … Continue reading

Leaving a group

Several conversations have come up recently about what it means to properly part from a group. I think that introspection, clear communication, and some attention to practical issues can make this easier – and possibly even helpful – for everyone, as well as leave the most possible options open in the long run. Continue reading

Plan A and Plan B

I just had what will be my last Sabbat (for a while, anyway) with the group I’ve been working with since 2001. That makes today a good time to talk more about Plan A and Plan B (and Plan Riff Until Ready)

Everyone in the group I’ve worked with since 2001 knows I’m hiving: it’s something I feel strongly called to do. I’ve talked about that recently.

There’s only one problem.

I have no earthly idea *where* my next job is going to be.Which is why my “I’m hiving” practical steps get a little tricky.