A pause for some background

A friend on Dreamwidth posted an interesting Pagan meme that I thought was particularly timely: I’m coming up on the 10 year anniversary of seeking out the group I trained with and worked with until early 2008, when I hived off. Seems like a good time for a “What I’m doing now” moment, plus a nice introduction to link to in various blog places.

(Below, I’m speaking for myself, rather than the trad as a whole, which seems worth making clear right about now.)

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Changing perspectives

I still have lots of posts I’m mulling over that will be more in depth, but a relatively quick thought. (erm. For me. It’s still about 600 words.)

I’ve alluded here and other places that the medical foo of the last year has changed some stuff for me. That’s been true in terms of managing energy in ritual and magical work, but I’ve also been mulling over what’s changed for me in other ways.

One of them, apparently, is how my intuition kicks in.

Last week, I went to Boston for a combination of a job hiring conference, and in the hopes of arranging a few other visits with jobs out there in the process (and seeing my mother and college friends who are in the area.)

Now, as you all probably know, Boston was one of the places that got hit by massive snow storm last week – about 18″ in the course of 36 hours (and on top of masses of other snow that mean clearing the new stuff is particularly difficult.)

When I was booking my flight, I got the very strong pull that I should do two things. First, that it would be very smart to fly in on Tuesday, rather than Thursday (the hiring conference started Friday), and second that flying non-stop would be a very smart thing.

Both these things are logical, in their way. It’s been a *weird* winter for weather, so not flying through another city that might get snowbound (Chicago and Milwaukee are my two most likely stops, and I’ve done Indianapolis in the past) might make sense. And leaving time for travel delays in general is also smart.

As it turns out: all three of those cities shut down for snow: I would not have made a connecting flight on Tuesday out of any of them, and might well have gotten stuck at whatever airport for the duration.

Equally, my original flight (10:45am on Tuesday) got cancelled, but in enough time to reschedule me on the 7am flight. Which was, at it turns out, the last flight into Boston’s Logan airport before they shut down the airport on Tuesday for a bit. (With a superb landing.)

So, all at once, that initial intuition – fly Tuesday, fly non-stop – and the circumstances lined up in a way to get me where I wanted, when I wanted, and safely. (And as a bonus, *because* of the weather, I got a chance to go see a dear friend and her toddler and the rest of her family when I wasn’t expecting to be able to make it out there, because someone was handy to leave work early to pick me up from the bus. Worth every minute of travel.)

While I’ve had things like that in the past, those moments where the intuition comes alive and connects and everything falls into place, the way this felt was different. Previously, that kind of intuition had a rapid crescendo behind it, for lack of a better way to phrase it, a sudden burst of “Oh, *that* thing, this big shiny thing over there.” This time, it was just … there. Very firmly, but also very quietly. Waiting for me to do the needful stuff with it. Like a bit of granite, slowly being revealed by a retreating glacier, rather than fireworks.

It’s cool that it worked. But it’s also a reminder of the fact a lot of fundamental things have shifted for me, and that I can’t assume that what worked in the past is going to continue to do so (or if it still works, that it’s the most effective way to do so.)

I’m still figuring out what that means. And in particular, what it means about how I should change my practice, my daily attention, etc. to take advantage of it.

A day in the life: Sunday, April 13, 2008

Time for another ‘day in the life’ post, I think.

8:15: Wake up, having not set my alarm until later that morning. (8am is about normal for me on a weekend: I finally stopped waking up at 6:30, regardless of when I went to bed, which is nice.) I’d gone to bed fairly late, due to having been out at a concert the evening before (a local Baroque ensemble: I’d gotten a comp ticket from my boss, who plays with them.)

8:15-10am: Catch up on email, online forums, and other various tasks (a question about some web research for a friend, who’s getting stuck on something, re-uploading an old essay of mine someone’s asked about to this site, and do other miscellaneous puttering around.

10:30am: Leave for the day’s activities. I have a meeting near where the friend I walk with regularly lives, so we’re walking beforehand.

11am: Show up, walk with her for almost 45 minutes, doing some very excellent and needed conversation about various topics of interest in the current shiny-new-coven work (managing, I think, to resolve several points of concern.) One of my tasks for Monday is sending email to my covenmate to discuss them.

noon: Walk into the place we’re having our Pagan Pride board meeting. The event is in October, and we just finished filing for 501(c)3 status (the topic that’s been eating our meeting time and energy for the past few months), so we spend a lot of time discussing various issues like our budget, the fund raising we need to do *have* the budget we like, and what implications this has for future events. We set up a wide range of things – two people take on exploratory research for simple fund raisers. We talk about the web site (one of my current projects), where I need to do some serious work in the coming week to get the forms up we want for programming and vendors, so we can get mail out about those.

The meeting lasts about 3 hours, which is par for the course for us, but we all feel it’s been generally very productive and a good time, which is really good.

3:00pm: I stop by the library branch I use in this neck of the woods to pick up a book that came in on hold (I use two different library systems – Minneapolis and Ramsey County – fairly regularly. ) Drive home.

4-6pm: Take a break in my day to play World of Warcraft, getting a chance to chat briefly with one of my friends, and setting up an older (long-unplayed) character somewhere I can get used to her again.

6pm: Have a bath, as my back is stiff.

6:30pm: Finish up other computer things.

7pm: Tidy up around the house for 30 minutes or so (mostly putting laundry away). I need to do more cleaning sometime soon, but this was apparently not the weekend that was going to happen.

7:30-8:15pm: Take notes on one of my current personal practice projects: reading the book in question and making notes in a blank book for later review. Have about 10 minutes of the cat insisting on sitting in the middle of the book and notebook in the middle of this, so pause for petting of the cat.

8:15-8:30ish? (I didn’t actually look at the clock when I was done): do the meditation work I intended to do tonight. I didn’t have a particular time requirement: this was more about ‘get in, do what I need to do tonight, get on with the evening’

8:30ish to 9:15: Read and make notes about a book my sister gave me for the holidays, because she’s going to be in town next Saturday (she lives about a 4 hour drive away), and we will probably talk about it.

9:15: Pick up my current pleasure reading (related to the personal practice topic, but not one I need to take notes on) and read until my eyes start closing. Turn off the lights, pet the cat, fall asleep.

I’ve been sleeping somewhat poorly the last week or two (lots of weird and disjointed dreams, waking up several times briefly overnight, etc). I keep a variety of sleep-enhancing oils on hand, and I think it is perhaps time to try a different one tonight.

A day in the life : January 4th, 2008

[These posts are part of a ‘what does my life look like’ series: check out the ‘day in the life’ category in the sidebar for more: the first post in the category has more information.]

I’m working a temporary job in January (as a reference librarian, woo!) that means I’m working Monday and Tuesday evenings (except for this week, when it’s been Wednesday/Thursday, due to the New Year’s holiday), and Saturday and Sunday afternoons. I’m off from my day job until Monday, but that means that today was my last day with no scheduled work until January 21st. (I love both jobs, but still, that’s a little depressing.)

What’d I do? Go out with friends.

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