A pause for some background

A friend on Dreamwidth posted an interesting Pagan meme that I thought was particularly timely: I’m coming up on the 10 year anniversary of seeking out the group I trained with and worked with until early 2008, when I hived off. Seems like a good time for a “What I’m doing now” moment, plus a nice introduction to link to in various blog places.

(Below, I’m speaking for myself, rather than the trad as a whole, which seems worth making clear right about now.)

Changing perspectives

I’ve alluded here and other places that the medical foo of the last year has changed some stuff for me. That’s been true in terms of managing energy in ritual and magical work, but I’ve also been mulling over what’s changed for me in other ways.

One of them, apparently, is how my intuition kicks in. Continue reading

A day in the life: Sunday, April 13, 2008

Time for another ‘day in the life’ post, I think.

8:15: Wake up, having not set my alarm until later that morning. (8am is about normal for me on a weekend: I finally stopped waking up at 6:30, regardless of when I went to bed, which is nice.) I’d gone to bed fairly late, due to having been out at a concert the evening before (a local Baroque ensemble: I’d gotten a comp ticket from my boss, who plays with them.)

8:15-10am: Catch up on email, online forums, and other various tasks (a question about some web research for a friend, who’s getting stuck on something, re-uploading an old essay of mine someone’s asked about to this site, and do other miscellaneous puttering around.

10:30am: Leave for the day’s activities. I have a meeting near where the friend I walk with regularly lives, so we’re walking beforehand.

11am: Show … Continue reading

A day in the life : January 4th, 2008

[These posts are part of a ‘what does my life look like’ series: check out the ‘day in the life’ category in the sidebar for more: the first post in the category has more information.]

I’m working a temporary job in January (as a reference librarian, woo!) that means I’m working Monday and Tuesday evenings (except for this week, when it’s been Wednesday/Thursday, due to the New Year’s holiday), and Saturday and Sunday afternoons. I’m off from my day job until Monday, but that means that today was my last day with no scheduled work until January 21st. (I love both jobs, but still, that’s a little depressing.)

What’d I do? Go out with friends.