Tam Lin, and other momentary diversions

So I could reference it in a post elsewhere, I just posted a version of the Tam Lin story I wrote for a ritual over here (Complete with further explanation!)

I do have more posts with content in progress – the start of the school year always scrambles my brain and my free time a little, but I’m getting back into the swing of things this week.

Two recent crafty projects

I had a need for two figurines for specific shrines/ongoing workings I had in mind, and was pretty sure I wasn’t going to find what I wanted elsewhere – so I made some! It’s the first time I’d done much work with clay since middle school (and definitely the first time since then I was doing figures), and it was both very fun, and a fascinating magical process.

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Down in the Darkness (original chant)

Over on my LiveJournal, I got encouraged to post a recording of music for something else I was working on, if I ever get it written (that one’s a sung circle case, maybe.) To test out what it’d take to do that, I thought I’d record a much shorter and simpler chant I wrote about three years ago.

It’s called Down in the Darkness

I didn’t write it for anything in particular (it hit me over the head while driving to work), but we’ve since used it for Yule rituals, and for other trance work. It’s very easy for people to sing harmonies to (and there are all sorts of places you can take the harmony). Two hints: it’s easier to sing slightly faster, and it’s important to keep the consonants crisp, or you will start falling over your tongue (or sound like a snake!)

There are two variants for the words : “A name”

Down in the darkness, I hear a silence.
Down in that silence, I hear a name.

and “my name”

Down in the darkness, I hear a silence.
Down in that silence, I hear my name.


Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

(if for some reason the player doesn’t work, try: http://gleewood.org/threshold/audio/darkness.mp3

Please get permission before using this elsewhere. I’m very likely to give permission for use within the Pagan community, but I’d like to know where it’s spread to, and where it’s getting used. (Also, I can then more easily tell you about other similar things in the future you might like!)

To get permission, you can post a comment on this entry, or you can send email to jenett at this domain (gleewood.org). Thanks!