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The following are some of my thoughts about seeking and finding a group – having both done that, and having been the first point of contact for both my former group and my current coven for several years. I don’t know everything – but I hope these pages will give people looking for a group some good places to start.

I’ve gathered them by stage of the process here. I encourage you to check out the Seeking (groups, teachers) link in the sidebar for additional posts (and some of these same ones.) You may also want to check out my Books pages.

Before you start searching: start by thinking through these things

  • Questions to ask yourself that will help you decide what kind of group you’re interested in – and what kind of limits you need to be aware of.
  • One common question of groups is “What do you bring to this group?”. It’s surprisingly hard to answer. This post is me thinking about that.
  • Groups will require some time and other commitments, even if training itself is done freely. Two posts break down time and cost commitments for the groups I’ve been involved with.
  • Finally, it’s extremely important to evaluate a group you’re considering thoughtfully. My Conscious Awareness of Religious Environment (CARE) pages look at a number of issues to consider (and you have your choice as to how detailed you like your explanation.)

Some resources

  • Using Witchvox is a guide to finding groups of possible interest on the largest (and one of the oldest) Pagan networking sites out there.
  • Online communities can be one way to learn more and ask questions – but they’ve also got some special considerations. Learn more about what to pay attention to on Pagan discussion lists here.
  • Asking (Pagan) Questions the Smart Way – advice on how to phrase questions so you can get better help.
  • Helping others help you – specific to book suggestions, but with general advice as well.
  • Why work with a group? Here’s some reasons you might find it worthwhile.

Finding groups:

Making contact:

I tend to notice certain things when seekers have made contact with groups I’ve worked with. I’m only one person, but these posts might help you figure out how to make a first approach more easily.

Also of interest: