What I’ve been up to

I got a very nice email from someone who liked my blog, and who noticed I hadn’t posted since last spring, hoping I was still all right. Which, yes! Just work is still eating most of my brains.

However, I thought it might be a good time to do a “What I’ve been up to” sort of round up, so here’s what I’ve been up to in July and August. (I went through and pulled numbers because I was sort of curious, and because I’ve been feeling like pieces of this are off balance from what I’d like them to be and data might help me make choices I liked better.)

I’m also hoping it might be a useful sort of view for people wondering what a random Pagan’s daily life looks like, in a manageable chunk.

Another tiny update

Because I’m about to post a substantially longer post, and um, hi, it’s been nine months. Since my last update, I have:

Done more job hunting and interviewing (I think I came out to 160 hours of travel for this job hunt, the majority between September 2014 and early April 2015. Not prep, not interviewing, not phone interviews. Just travel.)

Gotten hired for an awesome new job.

Moved from Maine back to the Boston area for said new job, managing to find a suitable apartment at a not entirely unreasonable cost or commute. (Proof that magic works, if you’re at all familiar with Boston rental markets.)

Started the new job in May, and spent the subsequent months diving into it.

(It is still amazing, but involves a lot of content knowledge I didn’t have: I’m essentially a special librarian attached to a larger educational institution these days, and my job is … Continue reading