A new era

On Friday, I got to hear the words I’d been hoping for for months – a job offer at the school I’ve been working at for nearly 9 years.

This school has seen me transition from being a paraprofessional to adding a lot of services to the library, to finishing my Master’s degree in Library/Information Science, to now hiring me to be the Teacher Librarian. My former boss left for a new position (which he’s very much enjoying) in January: I’ve been the interim librarian ever since, but with no certainty that I’d actually have a job after June. It’s been a long and drawn out process – it was almost appropriate that the meeting on Friday that  I knew I’d be getting the news in got postponed 3 times.

And now, I’m waking up in a new world. I spent Friday night going “EEEEEEEEE!” a lot, and Saturday dancing … Continue reading

Happy coven thoughts

There’s a lot of things going on right now for me. Still waiting to hear if my current job is going to hire me for the long-term position. (I really hope so, and should know within the next week.)

But we’ve got two people possibly interested in joining Phoenix Song, which is exciting. One of them we’re meeting at the end of April (as I’m busy next weekend, L is busy the weekend after, and our weeknights are already fairly booked.) The other, we met near the end of February, and had our first discussion evening with on Tuesday.

(If you were to guess from this that we are absurdly busy people, you would guess right, though this spring is more complicated for me than I think it will be in the future, and I’m being careful to schedule sufficient ‘down time’ into my week. More accurately, April is complicated … Continue reading

New page..

As I wrap up my spring break this week, I did manage to get some writing done. A lot of it is focused on coven materials (and I’ll be doing more of that tonight!) but I did also manage to write up something I’ve been meaning to do for a while: a guide to asking better questions.


The introduction explains the origins of the document (and I do intend to work up some good and bad question examples – feel free to contact me with your favorite examples.) This page is linked under my Seeking section, for easy reference, too.

Technology and the coven

So, my day job as a librarian has a certain amount of spillover into how I priestess – I’m very committed to connecting people to information they care about, and this goes just as much for the coven setting as for the library.

But how to do it? Sitting this week at a library technology conference, I realised I really wanted to talk about some of the great resources out there, and how they can be used to make group work a little easier.

More than a year

All right, so I’ve been more than a little overwhelmed since my last post – lots of job-related stuff keeping me busy, and limiting the amount of energy I have to write or focus when I get home. (And what’s left has been going into work with the coven and with other commitments, not writing about them.)

I do want to do a “One year later” post, though, so even though it’s a little late, here we are!

We’re still here!

First things first – we still exist! And, at this point, seem pretty likely to keep doing so, assuming that other factors (jobs, etc.) don’t force a change in physical location. We’re very happy with that.

We’re still small (two people, and in the process of considering a prospective member), but my covenmate has also been working privately with a student outside the coven context. Given our other … Continue reading