H is for History

[Pagan Blog Project post for last week. It’s been delayed for reasons that will become obvious.]

Last week’s news was very complicated.

Boston is no longer my home, but it’s where I’m from. I was born in Boston (at what was then Women’s Lying In).  In the 37 years since, I have been in and out of Boston countless times. I have wandered the Boston Public Library (and Copley Square). I have ambled down Newbury Street. I have walked across the Common, and down through what was known as the Combat Zone. I have gone through South Station on the way to many other places. I’ve spent endless hours at the Science Museum, and the Museum of Fine Arts, and all sorts of other spots. And, over the course of two summers of language classes, quite a lot of time in and around Harvard. I have not quite done … Continue reading

Quick note saying hi

Hi there! I have been in Maine for a month, I’ve just started my fourth week of work, and I’m loving it! (Well, I’m not loving the stomach bug I picked up last week, and that’s thrown a wrench into other plans for my time and my brain.)

But other than that, it’s awesome. I continue to love the town, though there’s a lot of little mental adjustments (when things are open, that what’s accessible is the stuff here, and anything else is a good 35-45 minute drive in any direction, that kind of thing.)

I have a lot I want to write about, but it’s going to take me until at least the weekend to catch up on other things that need doing first. I did want to get a note out here on Limen that there’s more coming soon! (And let you comment, if there’s stuff you particularly … Continue reading