H is for History

[Pagan Blog Project post for last week. It’s been delayed for reasons that will become obvious.]

Last week’s news was very complicated.

Boston is no longer my home, but it’s where I’m from. I was born in Boston (at what was then Women’s Lying In).  In the 37 years since, I have been in and out of Boston countless times. I have wandered the Boston Public Library (and Copley Square). I have ambled down Newbury Street. I have walked across the Common, and down through what was known as the Combat Zone. I have gone through South Station on the way to many other places. I’ve spent endless hours at the Science Museum, and the Museum of Fine Arts, and all sorts of other spots. And, over the course of two summers of language classes, quite a lot of time in and around Harvard. I have not quite done … Continue reading

h is for habit

[again for the Pagan Blog Project]

I’ve been thinking a lot this week about the habits we get into when doing things.

There’s a reason for that: I’ve spent the past five days in Washington DC, partly for a professional conference, and partly to play tourist. (I am writing this while sitting in a sculpture court in the National Gallery of Art, because it has comfy chairs and a table of convenient height, and my feet hurt.)

Not my habitual surroundings. Not my habitual amount of walking. Not my habitual weather. (DC broke heat records the last two days – 90+ on Wednesday, while Maine is getting another snow storm.) Not my habitual technology: I’m doing this trip solely with the iPad and keyboard, rather than a laptop, and the limitations of the device (particularly around multitasking) mean I’ve been adjusting my way of doing things.

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G is for Greatness (and recognising it)

[Part of the Pagan Blog Project]

I was reminded this morning of a day from my childhood.

I was nine, going on ten, and I was horse-crazy in the way that 9 year old girls often are. (Actually, I was obsessive in a way relatively few 9 year old girls are, because I tend to be full-bore about my interests. But you get the idea). I was having regular riding lessons, but this was well before we got my beloved Dorothy (that happened when I was 11)

It used to be that the United States Equestrian Team had a facility in Massachusetts, and one summer day, my mother took me and a friend up to watch the Rolex Talent Derby for young riders. And we watch and we watch, and have the conversations you do at that kind of thing, about who’s going to win. (This is show jumping, … Continue reading

G is for Group

[Still more in the Pagan Blog Project]

I am slowly recovering from 10 days away from home (and my cat is slowly being assured I will not disappear at the drop of a hat – though she seems to have also decided that perhaps pouncing on unattended appendages outside the blankets while I’m sleeping is not in her interests, which is a good thing.) And I’m getting ready to go away again in a week. (Last trip was vacation with a smidgen of professional conference – paid for on my own, because it’s an awesome conference. This next one is professional conference with a smidgen of vacation time.)

Anyway. One of the things from my trip to Minnesota was getting to catch up with members of my trad, and then also getting to priestess for three 2nd degree elevations. (Which is the first time I’ve done that particular role, … Continue reading

F is for Friends

[Yet another in the Pagan Blog Project]

It has been a very busy week (Paganicon, two days and a presentation at a professional conference, and upcoming trad things tomorrow that require preparation) so this is likely to be both short and less coherent than my usual.

That said, today I’d like to talk about who you know. I resisted, for a very long time, the idea that I was really a Connector personality.

a) I am an introvert
b) I know people who are *much much much* larger range Connectors than I am.
c) I have some weird personal Things about what I know and sharing what I know, and Stuff. (Yes, I’m a librarian. I still have Weird Things.)

But at the same time, I’ve been aware for a long time that part of how I do an awesome job at finding certain kinds … Continue reading