A day in the life : January 4th, 2008

[These posts are part of a ‘what does my life look like’ series: check out the ‘day in the life’ category in the sidebar for more: the first post in the category has more information.]

I’m working a temporary job in January (as a reference librarian, woo!) that means I’m working Monday and Tuesday evenings (except for this week, when it’s been Wednesday/Thursday, due to the New Year’s holiday), and Saturday and Sunday afternoons. I’m off from my day job until Monday, but that means that today was my last day with no scheduled work until January 21st. (I love both jobs, but still, that’s a little depressing.)

What’d I do? Go out with friends.

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Travel broadens the mind…

… or at least lets you see family. As you might have gathered from a few posts back, I’m off to visit family and friends on the East Coast for the holidays (my mom, my brother and his family, and then college friends and my oldest friend – we’ve been friends since 2nd grade – at the end of the trip.)

What I won’t have, though, is much computer access. I’ll be back on the 30th, and have a couple of posts in the works, so expect to see something over New Year’s.

A day in the life: explanation

One thing that fascinates me in talking to other witches, Pagans, and people of similar interests, is what it actually means to our day to day lives. As part of that, I want to periodically share a day in my life, to let people get a feel for what my time actually looks like, and what choices I make.

Bear in mind when you read this that I’m single and live alone: a lot of my ‘home’ time is totally on my own schedule. On the other hand, nothing gets clean, the snow doesn’t get shovelled, and I don’t eat if I don’t do the work.

I’m will include some ‘light’ days, and some ‘heavy’ days (depending on my schedule), but we all know I’m more likely to talk about the somewhat interesting ones rather than the tediously boring ones, right?

You can find all the daily life posts by checking out the ‘day in the life’ category over on the sidebar.