Glasses and the priestess

Around a month ago, I started noticing increased eyestrain headaches, and got my act together to go and get my eyes examined.

Now, I’ve had glasses in the past – both times briefly, as my eyes got better, and there were some practical issues (computer-only glasses are a really poor choice for a librarian: I’m often up and down talking to people, looking at a shelf, getting a laptop for checkout, and all the other parts of it.) The end result? I have a mild astigmatism in both eyes, enough that everything’s readable, but not crisp. Hence, eyestrain.

The nice optometrist I talked to about this agreed that for library work, computer-only glasses would not work very well (they’d be constantly on and off, with all the wear and tear that brings), and so wrote my prescription for all the time wear. This is fine by me: as I pointed … Continue reading

A day in the life: Sunday, April 13, 2008

Time for another ‘day in the life’ post, I think.

8:15: Wake up, having not set my alarm until later that morning. (8am is about normal for me on a weekend: I finally stopped waking up at 6:30, regardless of when I went to bed, which is nice.) I’d gone to bed fairly late, due to having been out at a concert the evening before (a local Baroque ensemble: I’d gotten a comp ticket from my boss, who plays with them.)

8:15-10am: Catch up on email, online forums, and other various tasks (a question about some web research for a friend, who’s getting stuck on something, re-uploading an old essay of mine someone’s asked about to this site, and do other miscellaneous puttering around.

10:30am: Leave for the day’s activities. I have a meeting near where the friend I walk with regularly lives, so we’re walking beforehand.

11am: Show … Continue reading

Predictably, been busy again

Why is it that coming back from vacation always feels far more tiring than before vacation? This week has been full of work, and catching up with other things (like a professional self-education project that’s got an April 16th deadline.)

On top of that, I’ve been feeling somewhat stuck and therefore crabby in the ongoing job search, and as with many reasonably self-aware witches of my acquaintance, am trying to figure out which things I could be doing better, which ones I’m okay at, and whether magical or ritual work might actually help any of these. (The last one, naturally, is what makes it ‘witches’ of my acquaintance, rather than ‘people’)

My weekend, however, promises slightly more sanity: after some schedule conniptions, I have tonight free, am gaming tomorrow (after a walk with a friend), and have Sunday to work on a couple of larger projects (some form design for … Continue reading

Ten things I love about my body

Sylvan, whose writing I adore, posted earlier today about ten things she loves about her body – and encouraged those reading to do the same. Here’s mine.

1 ) I adore my hair. It is long (waist-length) and fine. I adore it. It is dark brown, with silver coming in, shot through, but with a silvering strip running back lightly from each temple. I love the silver in the midst of the brown, and I love the two strips that are forming.

I almost always wear my hair up – it’s impractical down, and especially in the winter, it tends to be all static, all the time. But I wear it down for ritual, and for special occasions. I love the feel of it down my back, and twining my fingers in it behind my back. I do hack the end off with scissors every few months to get … Continue reading

I got tagged.

(In a break from our regularly scheduled theoretically deep thought.)

A meme from a source that greatly delights me: Donald Engstrom (who I am most fond of) tagged me for this one.

1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people.

There’s always the question of ‘what’s the closest book’: my children’s books are mostly the closest to my computer.

From _When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit_ by Judith Kerr
(My copy, incidentally, is yellowing, held together by tape, and this copy dates from around 1980.)

“The girls had been reciting something in unison, but when Anna came in with Colette they all stopped and stared at her. Anna stared back, but she was beginning to feel rather small … Continue reading