On taking time to tend

I’ve had a couple of people, on hearing about what I’m doing for my friend who recently had surgery (currently in a transitional care/rehab center, and steadily improving), who say “I could never do that.”

And I point out that it’s not everyone’s gift to do the specific things I’m doing. (Scheduling and coordinating are tasks that take me time and energy, but that are not, in themselves, particularly challenging for the way my brain works: I am, after all, in the business of creating at least the simulation of order out of chaos.)

But today, I realised that there are two stories I’ve rarely told but that are key to why it’s so important to me to help in this way. One is a debt I’ll never be able to repay – and can therefore only pay forward. The other is a reminder of why it’s so important to … Continue reading

A new era

On Friday, I got to hear the words I’d been hoping for for months – a job offer at the school I’ve been working at for nearly 9 years.

This school has seen me transition from being a paraprofessional to adding a lot of services to the library, to finishing my Master’s degree in Library/Information Science, to now hiring me to be the Teacher Librarian. My former boss left for a new position (which he’s very much enjoying) in January: I’ve been the interim librarian ever since, but with no certainty that I’d actually have a job after June. It’s been a long and drawn out process – it was almost appropriate that the meeting on Friday that  I knew I’d be getting the news in got postponed 3 times.

And now, I’m waking up in a new world. I spent Friday night going “EEEEEEEEE!” a lot, and Saturday dancing … Continue reading

Speaking truth

As mentioned earlier this week, I spent an hour and a half on Friday talking to the Diversity Club at the school I work at. (Both lunches, so it was different sets of kids, except for a couple who have a free period over lunch.) We had 23 students by the diversity director’s count (plus him, plus the other diversity director, who is not normally based on that campus.) Two boys, the rest girls, and mostly upperclassmen rather than freshmen.

That time of year

There is no year of my life that has not, at some fundamental level, been wrapped up in the academic calendar.

My father was a university professor: our family vacations ran on his schedule.

Then there were my years of pre-school, elementary school, junior high, high school, and boarding school (a new and different schedule, that, but still, in principle the same.) College.

Working for my college for the year after graduation. I had very little to do with students, in general (I was doing web and project design for faculty), but you could still feel the ebb and flow of the school no matter what else happened.

I moved to Minnesota, for one year *not* working for a school – but in graduate school myself part time.

And then I began my current job, where I’ve been since fall of 2000, working in an independent day school. There are … Continue reading

Role of the High Priestess

To many people, the HPS is the one responsible for making sure the spiritual and religious stuff happens. My take is that there are three essential roles: anchoring the spiritual core, providing direction, and making sure the practical details fall into place. Continue reading