Watch this space

One of my resolutions for the new year is returning to blogging here more regularly (which, given last year, won’t be too hard to manage…) I’ve been thinking about what I’d particularly like to talk about, and which topics don’t seem to get much attention in the Pagan blogosphere.

I know that I want to talk more about:

  • Sustainable priestessing (doing good stuff, without burning out)
  • Better teaching approaches for Pagan material and practice.
  • Finding, evaluating, and using resources (and not just about directly Pagan stuff).
  • A few more personal examples.
  • Things that make all of the above easier. Which will include everything from recipes to web links to productivity geeking.

I also expect there’ll be a lot of other stuff that comes up. If there are topics in the above you’re particularly interested in me talking about, please ask away (My mind-reading is not reliable, so please … Continue reading

Money and Craft : a childhood background

There have been a number of conversations around the blogosphere about the issue of charging money in magical and ritual settings recently, and it both got me thinking and reminded me of a bit of my background that I take for granted, and forget not everyone has. Before I go on and talk (in a later post) about my own take on charging for Craft, I want to talk about that.

See, I grew up assuming everyone knew that there are ways to combine a secure financial future with major creative pursuits. Not that it’s easy, mind you – but that it’s fundamentally possible. It’s as much a part of my psyche as the idea that knowledge is the one thing that can’t be taken away from me, or that reading is just the thing you do all the time, in some form.

My adult self, of course, knows that … Continue reading

Still here

My last post, admittedy, was four months ago. There’s a reason for that, but since I haven’t been talking about it much in public, let me catch up here, so that we can then move onto more interesting subjects.

January 2009: I began a term as the interim librarian at the same school I’ve been at as an assistant. They hired me formally (after the full and sometimes nervewracking search process) in April.

Summer 2009: I was in and out of work a lot, even though I’m supposed to be mostly off between mid-June and mid-August. The rest of the time, I was helping a dear friend who was having hip replacmeent surgery to repair damage from an injury 43 years earlier. (She’s got some other medical issues, including hearing loss, that made us want to have someone with her all the time, while she was in hospital or the … Continue reading

Several new pages

A quick note here to let you all know that I’ve recently posted a bunch of new pages (posts not linked to a calendar date). They’re also linked in the top menu as noted.

First, a series of 3 posts (and an intro) I wrote as an introduction to my religious practice (and a general introduction to Paganism). Parts below, but you can also get to the intro page under the ‘about’ menu at the top of the blog.

And, second, the first two parts of another project I’ve been working on for a while. The third part, the commentary, isn’t done yet, but I figure the first two parts could be useful while I’m working on that.

CARE introduction:
Once upon … Continue reading

Youngest one in the room

Over the past few months, I’ve been thinking about this a lot. Due to my recent job shift, I’m now sitting in on meetings with a number of administrators (most of whom are in their late 40s or older). And in various social settings, I’ve sometimes looked around, and realised that I’m the youngest by a number of years. (This isn’t always true, naturally, but there’ve been a good handful of specific situations in the last few months.)

This isn’t to say I mind – I grew up as a faculty brat, around my father’s grad students, and was comfortable socialising with people 15 or 20 years older than I was from an early age. My brother and sister are also 15 and 16 years older than I am, so I grew up with the idea that life was more interesting if you behaved in a way that let you … Continue reading