Another tiny update

Because I’m about to post a substantially longer post, and um, hi, it’s been nine months. Since my last update, I have:

Done more job hunting and interviewing (I think I came out to 160 hours of travel for this job hunt, the majority between September 2014 and early April 2015. Not prep, not interviewing, not phone interviews. Just travel.)

Gotten hired for an awesome new job.

Moved from Maine back to the Boston area for said new job, managing to find a suitable apartment at a not entirely unreasonable cost or commute. (Proof that magic works, if you’re at all familiar with Boston rental markets.)

Started the new job in May, and spent the subsequent months diving into it.

(It is still amazing, but involves a lot of content knowledge I didn’t have: I’m essentially a special librarian attached to a larger educational institution these days, and my job is … Continue reading

Tiny little update

It seems very silly to update to explain why I’m not updating, but…

My life is currently in another round of limbo – my current job is being cut due to budget reasons, and that means I am deep in the process of applying for other things (all of which will also require a move, so there’s also a bunch of ‘how do I set things up now to make that easy when I don’t know where I’m moving to.’) This is after about 4 months of health issues that made doing anything that required thinking very difficult.

All of which means that Pagan writing (and a lot of other things) are on the backburner until that’s settled. And that may take a few months.

However, I had an email from someone who liked my Seeking site this week, asking about my plans for updates, and I wanted to mention … Continue reading

Call for topics

It’s going on 3 years (well, 2.5, but) since I put my Seeking site up, and it’s now regularly getting 100 hits or more a day. (Yay, nice thing!)

However, it also clearly needs some updating and some pieces written that I’ve been meaning to get around to, and all that. So, now is a good time for me to ask “What stuff do you want me to talk about more over there?”

For those of you who haven’t looked, it is focused on people new to Paganism (and specifically to religious witchcraft, which is the bit of Paganism I can speak to with some coherency: I try not to talk about other people’s religions *for* them) Got thoughts? Share below the fold.

12 years and a couple of days

(Yeah, I know. I go months without updating, and then two posts in the same day. But thinking about my earlier one lead me to this.)

It is twelve years and two days (September 2nd, 2001) since I Dedicated to the tradition that I am now a 3rd degree priestess in. And I find it’s a good time for me to say “Here’s what I wish someone had told me then.” [1]

What’s happened since then?

  • 9/11. And how people dealt – or didn’t deal – with it.
  • I got married. (in later 2001. after wrangling lots of paperwork – my ex was Canadian)
  • I got divorced. (we separated in 2005, and the actual divorce was in 2006.)
  • I moved in with housemates. I moved out from living with housemates.
  • I took a break in grad school. I went back and finished my degree. (Master’s in Library and Information … Continue reading