Technology and the coven

So, my day job as a librarian has a certain amount of spillover into how I priestess – I’m very committed to connecting people to information they care about, and this goes just as much for the coven setting as for the library.

But how to do it? Sitting this week at a library technology conference, I realised I really wanted to talk about some of the great resources out there, and how they can be used to make group work a little easier.

Thinking about magical jewelry

Apologies for lack of posting – I was seriously wiped out by a nasty cold for the last week (and not feeling great for other reasons for a few days before that.) And, of course, I’m about to be out and about for Thanksgiving, and likely not near a computer much if at all.

This did, however, get me thinking about magical jewelry, because I’m trying to decide what to pack for my plans (I’m seeing friends, and there may or may not be some ritual time, depending on how things fall out.) Especially since I’ve just done another talk at work today (to our comparative religions class) about Wicca.

Now, there is, of course, the old joke about the race for priestesses: each priestess puts on all of her jewelry, and whoever can drag themselves to the finish line first wins – because, somehow, we all accumulate it.

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Tam Lin, and other momentary diversions

So I could reference it in a post elsewhere, I just posted a version of the Tam Lin story I wrote for a ritual over here (Complete with further explanation!)

I do have more posts with content in progress – the start of the school year always scrambles my brain and my free time a little, but I’m getting back into the swing of things this week.

Bread addendum

Conversation with a friend about my bread recipe reminded me of something.

When I say cinnamon, I actually do mean cinnamon. However, most stuff sold as cinnamon in the US is actually cassia, a closely related tree that’s less expensive to harvest. I tend to prefer actual cinnamon.

I buy almost all of my culinary herbs from Penzey’s (, but I’m lucky to have two stores within easy driving distance.)

They’ve got the advantage of being a remarkably inexpensive pick-me-up. Not only is just walking into their store space is a fantastic experience of scent (all of their stuff is available in smellable test containers), but their prices are such that I can walk out with 5 or 6 different small bottles of things for under $20. (And since I’m only cooking for myself, usually, this goes a long way.

While they’re not necessarily organic, they are very good … Continue reading