New blog up at PaganBloggers

I haven’t actually mentioned it here, apparently, but I’m blogging about monthly over at Pagan Bloggers, on a blog called Knowledge and Wisdom, and focus on the intersection of research, learning, and Paganism.

I have my second entry up now, Learning and Teaching. It’s about two recent experiences as a student I had, and how that’s affecting my thinking about planning for my June 2nd workshop.

(Next month’s blog will be what I actually did about that.)

I’ll be doing my best to do a quick link here when I post there, so you can follow it in one place.

Upcoming workshop: June 4, 2017 in Cambridge Massachusetts

I’m delighted to announce I’m going to be doing a workshop called “Knowledge and Wisdom: Research Tips for Pagans”.

It’s being provided in collaboration with the Cornucopia Collective, a public ritual and Pagan education group. They’ve posted an event announcement on their website (scroll down to the date), Facebook, and pages. (I am not at all their events, but currently aiming at being at the full moons regularly.)

When: June 4, 2017 from 3-6pm. (Don’t worry, we’ll have several short breaks. Feel free to bring snacks.)

Where: The Democracy Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts, which is a few blocks outside of Harvard Square.

Please note that the space is step-free once you are inside, but there are about 5-6 steps to get in, with a railing. There’s also no air conditioning, which may be relevant by June. The bathrooms are on the same floor, but not wheelchair accessible. (The Democracy … Continue reading

Ten years perspective

About ten years (and two weeks) ago, I went to the first Seeker class with the group I would later join. It met in the back room of a coffee shop that isn’t there anymore, and several of the teachers left the group a few months later for various reasons.

It was not my first introduction to Paganism, or Wiccan-based practice, or magic. After all, I’d been reading fantasy books with characters who were Pagan for quite a while. I’d had some powerful experiences in college that lead me to explore some basic magical concepts like centering and grounding.

And I’d always believed that the Gods were many and varied, notes and strands of melody singing out in the cosmos in infinite combination, as only someone who was raised on daily stories of Greek mythology can.

I’d also taken my time.

I’d been an active Catholic throughout high school and … Continue reading

On what we’ve lost, and what we’ve gained

I just made a post elsewhere online I wanted to share here. I’d talked about how we’d lost a lot, as a culture, when we had mass-accessible written material (sometime after the printing press: I tend to think it’s around 1600-1650, when you start getting lots more broadsheets and other materials that are inexpensive enough that most people can get a look at them if they like.)

Someone else in that conversation went “Hey, wait. You’re a librarian and you’re saying this?” And she’s quite right, but I had to explain where we’re coming from. Here’s my explanation:

I explain:

I think we lost stuff. I think we lost *big* stuff, with the loss of a commonly held oral culture and the skills needed to maintain it.

I think we gained a lot with written culture, and on the whole, those gains are worth the losses. But it’s not … Continue reading

New page..

As I wrap up my spring break this week, I did manage to get some writing done. A lot of it is focused on coven materials (and I’ll be doing more of that tonight!) but I did also manage to write up something I’ve been meaning to do for a while: a guide to asking better questions.

The introduction explains the origins of the document (and I do intend to work up some good and bad question examples – feel free to contact me with your favorite examples.) This page is linked under my Seeking section, for easy reference, too.