Organisation and a new year

It’s January, which is a time when a lot of people are poking at their methods of organisation and getting things done, and that makes me want to talk about what I’m currently doing and how it’s working.

Why on a Pagan blog? Well, first, I don’t stop wanting to get things done just because I’m Pagan. But also because a couple of the things I’ve started doing are related to long-term divination and lunar / astrological awareness. My current organisation of my tasks is also (lightly) astrology centered, using a method I’m finding very helpful for getting an idea of balance between different parts of my life.

12 years and a couple of days

(Yeah, I know. I go months without updating, and then two posts in the same day. But thinking about my earlier one lead me to this.)

It is twelve years and two days (September 2nd, 2001) since I Dedicated to the tradition that I am now a 3rd degree priestess in. And I find it’s a good time for me to say “Here’s what I wish someone had told me then.” [1]

What’s happened since then?

  • 9/11. And how people dealt – or didn’t deal – with it.
  • I got married. (in later 2001. after wrangling lots of paperwork – my ex was Canadian)
  • I got divorced. (we separated in 2005, and the actual divorce was in 2006.)
  • I moved in with housemates. I moved out from living with housemates.
  • I took a break in grad school. I went back and finished my degree. (Master’s in Library and Information ‚Ķ Continue reading