house rules

As the blog has developed, I thought it might be good to outline how I prefer to deal with a few things.

link freely:

Like many people, I love people who are interested in what I have to say. Please feel free to link directly to this site or any specific entry in discussions, forums, emails, or any other places that welcome it and where it’s appropriate.

(In other words, don’t spam my site to others. I don’t like spam, and other people don’t either. But if it’s appropriate to the location, link away!)

please comment:

I also love and welcome any comment that increases conversation, including those that disagree with me or have questions. The ones I don’t welcome here are the ones that shut down conversation, by being dismissive, rude, insulting, things like that. (whether that’s to me or to another commenter.) Tone’s hard to read online, so I give generous amounts of room here if in doubt.

I do also delete comments which appear to be nothing but spam – most get caught by my spam plug-in, but others sneak through. Most of these have a very generic comment with a link to something that is obviously not a personal site. If for some reason I get this wrong, and you want to contribute to the conversation, please try again without the links or with more detail (like a specific comment about the page, not just something vague.)

but don’t copy without asking:

I like my stuff. I like it when other people like my stuff. But please ask me first, before you copy it somewhere else.

Chances are extremely good I’ll say yes for any non-profit use within the Pagan community, and pretty good I’ll say yes for other uses.

Why do I want to be asked? Sometimes stuff on this site depends on context – I want to make sure that people can find that when they need it, or add a paragraph that makes it clearer as a standalone article. But it’s more than that: knowing what people want to share encourages me to write more stuff like that, and it means I can keep in touch if I come up with something else that might be of interest to you.

got questions?

Please ask them, either in comments below, or in an email to jenett at this domain ( If you leave a comment, I’ll be able to see whatever address you put in there, and can also reply privately if you prefer.