Upcoming workshop : Music and art in ritual practice (Cambridge, MA)

ETA: Workshop notes turned out to be four articles on my Seeking site. They can be found on the Doing index page, or the links below. 

Want to include music and art in your ritual practice?

I’m doing another workshop! This one is on music and art in ritual practice. It’s being provided in collaboration with the Cornucopia Collective, a public ritual and Pagan education group, like my last one. Here’s the MeetUp link for it, but if you’re not on Meetup, feel free to let me know (by the contact form, or if you have any questions) or just show up.

When: February 11th, 3-6pm.

Where: The Democracy Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts, which is a few blocks outside of Harvard Square.

Please note that the space is step-free once you are inside, but there are about 5-6 steps to get in, with a railing. The bathrooms are on the same floor, but not wheelchair accessible. (The Democracy Center is working on long-term plans for better accessibility.)

Cost: $5-15 donation to cover the space rental.

What we’ll be talking about: Here’s the description.

Have you wondered how to include music or art in your ritual or daily practices? This class is for you.

We’ll discuss why you might want to, then dive into some different possible practices, including exploring some widely used chants, the use of playlists and other musical collections, ritual art, altar items, and even how to use Tarot cards for ritual or magical focus. And, of course, some ideas on where to find music and art you might want to use or include in your practice. This workshop is being offered by donation (recommended donation: $5-$15), to cover cost of room rental. All experience levels are welcome, please bring pen and paper if you wish to take notes.

There will be a little actual singing, but I won’t force anyone to sing who doesn’t want to, promise.

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