A few upcoming things

One of my goals for this year is to post here more often than I did last year. (More than four should be achievable!) My actual goal is at least once a month, and more than that would be nice. I’m working on a post with meaningful content in another window, but I wanted to get a few notes out before I do that.

New layouts!
This blog has a new layout (though I didn’t change much about where things are), and that my Seeking site also got a new layout, and a lot more behind the scenes reorganisation in late December if you haven’t seen that. Please let me know if you find something missing!)

I’ll be at Paganicon (March 15-17 just outside Minneapolis, Minnesota) to see people from my former life there and learn things.

I’m presenting (currently scheduled for Saturday at 10:15am) a session called What Is Remembered Lives about historical research and Pagan practice. It will be mostly about how to put things you find in research into historical context and finding social and cultural history resources (rather than genealogy or ritual work, but I expect we’ll touch on those too). As usual I’ll be posting notes and resources here.

If you’re going to Paganicon and haven’t already mentioned it to me, feel free to use the contact form to let me know (or whatever other comment/email/etc. method you know will reach me.) It usually ends up being a busy weekend for me (there’s a lot of people I want to see!), so I tend to do a fair bit of arranging who I’m seeing in advance to make sure we get a chance, but there’s also chances for other conversations!

I have some ideas for topics I know I want to write about (and a long long list of topics for Seeking) but if there’s something you’re particularly interested in my take on, feel free to let me know. (No promises, but often someone asking me a question

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