Another tiny update

Because I’m about to post a substantially longer post, and um, hi, it’s been nine months. Since my last update, I have:

Done more job hunting and interviewing (I think I came out to 160 hours of travel for this job hunt, the majority between September 2014 and early April 2015. Not prep, not interviewing, not phone interviews. Just travel.)

Gotten hired for an awesome new job.

Moved from Maine back to the Boston area for said new job, managing to find a suitable apartment at a not entirely unreasonable cost or commute. (Proof that magic works, if you’re at all familiar with Boston rental markets.)

Started the new job in May, and spent the subsequent months diving into it.

(It is still amazing, but involves a lot of content knowledge I didn’t have: I’m essentially a special librarian attached to a larger educational institution these days, and my job is a lot of reference about minute details in the relevant subject areas. I’m finally out of the months where I was just so exhausted when I got home from all the new learning that I wasn’t doing much else.)

Wrapped up three major related personal projects in September and October. (A seven year collaborative creative project, managing the backstage documention for same, which turned into a 7000+ page wiki, and knitting a blanket that goes along with the project.)

Turned 40 (also in September).

Done (and continue doing) seasonal ritual with good friends, which has been great, though now I’m looking at how to step up my ritual practice again.

Gone on vacation to London for 9 days over Thanksgiving. It was a great trip!

And now I’m finally settling in to a couple of vacation weekends when I might actually get my books organized at home, and with plans for writing and the Seeking site.

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