Tiny little update

It seems very silly to update to explain why I’m not updating, but…

My life is currently in another round of limbo – my current job is being cut due to budget reasons, and that means I am deep in the process of applying for other things (all of which will also require a move, so there’s also a bunch of ‘how do I set things up now to make that easy when I don’t know where I’m moving to.’) This is after about 4 months of health issues that made doing anything that required thinking very difficult.

All of which means that Pagan writing (and a lot of other things) are on the backburner until that’s settled. And that may take a few months.

However, I had an email from someone who liked my Seeking site this week, asking about my plans for updates, and I wanted to mention some of what I said in reply to her here, in case anyone else is curious.

  • I did a big visual overhaul last spring.
  • I added a number of new articles between last April and last July (links to those below)
  • I have about half a dozen articles in drafts, and notes about 30 others I’d eventually like to write. (I’m sure those will produce more, eventually)
  • I have some other projects I’d really like to work on – these will almost certainly wait until another project I’ve been involved with comes to an end sometime this summer.

Additions to the Seeking site in the past year: 

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