Call for topics

It’s going on 3 years (well, 2.5, but) since I put my Seeking site up, and it’s now regularly getting 100 hits or more a day. (Yay, nice thing!)

However, it also clearly needs some updating and some pieces written that I’ve been meaning to get around to, and all that. So, now is a good time for me to ask “What stuff do you want me to talk about more over there?”

For those of you who haven’t looked, it is focused on people new to Paganism (and specifically to religious witchcraft, which is the bit of Paganism I can speak to with some coherency: I try not to talk about other people’s religions *for* them) Got thoughts? Share below the fold.

Already contemplating: 

A piece on heterocentrism, gender roles, and orientation and identiy in a Wiccan-derived context.

I would love a couple of beta readers for this (and have people I intend to ask) though it’ll be a month or two, probably, before I’m ready for this one.

Writing about building a basic and resilient personal practice with concrete “how to get started” stuff that pulls together some existing content and adds a chunk more – I was inspired by some discussions about accessible web design and also care and feeding of volunteers. (Seriously, this makes sense in my head, and I think it will to other people when I write it down.)

I hope to present a workshop on some related ideas at Paganicon in 2014, but would love a couple of beta readers before then, and to get the pages up around that time.

A more comprehensive piece on privacy and Paganism: There already is one, but it needs more updated stuff.

Doing something with etiquette with other Pagans (both online and offline) : it’s in several places, but it needs better structure.

Filling out several essays I haven’t gotten around to: especially the one about “do you need fancy tools”, the one about “why are there so many tiny traditions out there, why don’t people want them to get bigger?”

I am contemplating doing at least an overview of my better Pagan research material, but I still hope to do something book-length with that, and don’t want to duplicate possible content. If there’s stuff you really wish I’d talk about, though, name it and we’ll see?

Some general moving around and updating the interface: Nothing too complicated – I like simple and useful and uncluttered. But I’m thinking a slightly sharper header image, refinements in the widget tools, that kind of thing.  Also reviewing each page and updating as needed, which is a chunk of work, and will probably happen as I have time off in December/January.


If I were to put together an ebook of some/all the material on here, would that be of interest to you/people who you know? (I am thinking it would be low-cost – somewhere between $3 and 5, and would not include different basic content than is on the website, but that they might be different forms, because the website relies on linkage in a number of places.)

If so, which content would you find most useful in that format? (I am happy to do multiple books, for example, if it makes sense to do the personal practice content vs. the ‘basic concepts’ content, for example.

Links: I would like to flesh out the “General Pagan info” pages with a bit more in the way of links, but I don’t want to do tons of link management, either. (I do not find link management particularly fun, even with tools to help me.) Do you have resources I should especially link to that are regularly maintained?

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