Quick note saying hi

Hi there! I have been in Maine for a month, I’ve just started my fourth week of work, and I’m loving it! (Well, I’m not loving the stomach bug I picked up last week, and that’s thrown a wrench into other plans for my time and my brain.)

But other than that, it’s awesome. I continue to love the town, though there’s a lot of little mental adjustments (when things are open, that what’s accessible is the stuff here, and anything else is a good 35-45 minute drive in any direction, that kind of thing.)

I have a lot I want to write about, but it’s going to take me until at least the weekend to catch up on other things that need doing first. I did want to get a note out here on Limen that there’s more coming soon! (And let you comment, if there’s stuff you particularly want to see me talk about.)

Stuff on my list of things I really want to talk about:
(and as a hint, people going “Hey, that’d be especially interesting” is usually a really good motivator for me. Feel free to suggest things not on the list, though they may or may not result in posts.)

  • Moving as a liminal space, and what ritual has taught me about navigating that.
  • Trusting your intuition even when you’re not sure it’s the most reliable thing out there.
  • A bunch of stuff about the narrative of religion, and why looking at better ‘writing’ of the arcs of my practice has been a lot on my mind recently.
  • Getting to know a new Pagan community, and a new physical space, and a new energetic space.
  • The power of cycles.
  • Making your celebrations where you find them.
  • Forward momentum without falling into the bright-sided trap (or “How I navigated a year of unemployment, a whole bunch of really cruddy health and community issues, and still feel like getting up and doing new stuff in the morning” I don’t promise it’ll work for anyone else, but I feel like sharing bits might be handy to people.)

The cycles one is particularly potent for me: there is no year of my life that has not been shaped in some way by the academic calendar (my father was a university professor, and my entire adult life, I have either been in school or working for a school and thus driven by their calendar.) There’s a lot I’ve learned about that sort of thing in the course of nearly 36 years.

So. Hi. More soon! Maine is awesome.

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