Watch this space

One of my resolutions for the new year is returning to blogging here more regularly (which, given last year, won’t be too hard to manage…) I’ve been thinking about what I’d particularly like to talk about, and which topics don’t seem to get much attention in the Pagan blogosphere.

I know that I want to talk more about:

  • Sustainable priestessing (doing good stuff, without burning out)
  • Better teaching approaches for Pagan material and practice.
  • Finding, evaluating, and using resources (and not just about directly Pagan stuff).
  • A few more personal examples.
  • Things that make all of the above easier. Which will include everything from recipes to web links to productivity geeking.

I also expect there’ll be a lot of other stuff that comes up. If there are topics in the above you’re particularly interested in me talking about, please ask away (My mind-reading is not reliable, so please leave a comment/use the contact form/email me/mention it to me if you see me in person.)

My past few months have been a lot of job hunting and continued healing and getting my brain back into a state I’m happier with. (I’m glad to say that’s much improved. Given that at this point last year, I was having a hard time focusing on light fiction for 10 minutes at a time, I had a lot of room for improvement, but it’s nice to have gotten a lot of my functional ability back.)

I’ve also been working on a very sizeable project – my hope was to make noise about it here today, but I’m not quite done. I have hopes of getting the final steps done in the next day or two, though, so watch this space. You’ll also see that I’ve done some upgrades here – a new header and some other organisational details like tagging (I’ll be reviewing older posts for better tags in the near future, too, to make it easier to find things.)

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