Happy coven thoughts

There’s a lot of things going on right now for me. Still waiting to hear if my current job is going to hire me for the long-term position. (I really hope so, and should know within the next week.)

But we’ve got two people possibly interested in joining Phoenix Song, which is exciting. One of them we’re meeting at the end of April (as I’m busy next weekend, L is busy the weekend after, and our weeknights are already fairly booked.) The other, we met near the end of February, and had our first discussion evening with on Tuesday.

(If you were to guess from this that we are absurdly busy people, you would guess right, though this spring is more complicated for me than I think it will be in the future, and I’m being careful to schedule sufficient ‘down time’ into my week. More accurately, April is complicated because L and I are totally booked or out of town on different weekends, which cuts into the month a lot.)

Now, the way we’re doing this is there’s some advance reading – and then, our hope is to spend the time together actually talking about it, and what we do, and how it works. Some interesting things came up, and worked very much the way I was hoping it would.

We’re consciously trying to make space to not only say “What do you do?” but “Here’s what we do.” For example, we talked a little about personal practice on Tuesday, and asked her what her current work looks like. And then we talked about what we do, beyond the coven stuff we’ve already talked some about.

We talked about modeling different choices. I am, for example, frankly envious of L’s house (which I love visiting) but for a number of very good reasons, I’m going to be doing more of the hosting for a bit. I live in the tiny little house (400 square feet), and while I’m working on furniture, and more storage options, and so on, it’s not where I want it to be yet.

And we talked about how this is human – we’re all going to do stuff a little differently as individuals, and I’ve got reasons for the choices I’m making in where I live and how I spend my time, and some of my options are different than L’s (as well as some of my choices, and some of my habits.)

This lead to discussion of the problems of pedestals, and why they are uncomfortable places to live, even less fun to fall off, and how we’d like to avoid some of those issues as much as we can. And part of that is my being up front and honest about at least some of the things I think about, and struggle with, and try to do better with.

For example: horrifically busy since January: there’s stuff I’m doing less than I want to be in my personal practice. That’s ok. It doesn’t make me a bad priestess, or a bad coven leader, or a bad human – just means there’s some stuff I want to adjust, maybe.

I’d be a bad coven leader if I wasn’t doing the coven stuff competently or making sure it got done, or wasn’t needed. Or if I didn’t have a personal practice at all.

But I do, I’m just not doing all the stuff I would want to do in an ideal world where I had more time and energy. And I’m glad to have started by talking about that – because I believe very firmly that it’s easier to begin as you mean to go on.

Just stuff I’m thinking about.

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