Taking a week

One of the good things about working for a school is the vacations.

(There are also downsides: my breaks are unpaid time, and I don’t get any say in when I get them – it makes it very hard to do things requiring time off during the school year.)

Last summer, I started a habit of doing a short retreat each quarter.

  • Last July’s was focused on things I needed to finish before getting my 3rd degree. As part of it, I did a day of no words – didn’t talk (even to the cat), didn’t read, didn’t write. I did survive it, but it was an interesting experience.
  • November’s was focused on preparing for my 3rd degree ritual (I did the retreat work over the Tuesday evening-Sunday of Thanksgiving, with the ritual itself on the Saturday)
  • I took some brief time in February to decompress and relax.
  • I managed to not do one in 2nd quarter, because I just couldn’t get time clear in the schedule in ways I could do something meaningful with.

And this week, I’m doing another one. I have a lot on the agenda, but in a different way:

  • Revamping my daily schedule to make sure that time for things I really care about (making music, playing the harp, dancing, doing devotional and meditation work) happens every day. Less of the random webbrowsing.
  • Reorganising my lovely tiny little house now that I’ve lived here and know I’m staying put for the forseeable future. I did a quick overhaul cleaning yesterday, and am spending each day this week doing major reorganisation in each room. (This is much easier when the whole house is 400 square feet, and you only have 6 theoretical different spaces – bedroom alcove, front room, kitchen, pantry, bathroom, and basement. I am not worrying about the basement this week, but everything else *should* be achievable with nothing much else on my calendar.)
  • Eating lots of good for me food – one of the things on my agenda for a while has been eating more yogurt, and this is a good week to make sure I get in the habit. I also still have excellent goodness from last week’s CSA box in the fridge that needs eating.
  • Making some more art. And music. And writing. And all sorts of other goodness.
  • Some ongoing meditation and ritual work.

At the end of it, I expect to not only be refreshed and well-rested (one of my rules this week is no alarm clocks. If I am tired and want to read and nap, reading and napping is totally fine. There will be time for the other stuff later.) But I also expect to be far better organised, so that keeping up with things in future is *far* far easier. There is nothing bad about this.

I am keeping a running list of things I want to do – many of which are very short and easy to do, like “Water herbs” and some of which are longer (resorting the boxes under the bed, or the extensive pile of *stuff* next to the closet). The latter I do while watching a movie.

I’ve started with a long bath, complete with face mask and other good bath things. And in a bit, I’m off to attack the boxes under the bed, do some more reading, and then some music.

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