Two recent crafty projects

I had a need for two figurines for specific shrines/ongoing workings I had in mind, and was pretty sure I wasn’t going to find what I wanted elsewhere – so I made some! It’s the first time I’d done much work with clay since middle school (and definitely the first time since then I was doing figures), and it was both very fun, and a fascinating magical process.

The first one I did is for ongoing job/prosperity working foo. She lives right now on my main altar, and I shower her with water with money-related magical oils mixed in every day. (Little spray bottle. Seriously. It’s a little silly, but it makes me smile, and it serves the purpose.)

Prosperity figurine: green woman with gold hair holding a basket

The other one is the second I made, for my professional shrine (especially right now, as I’m job hunting). She’s designed to sit on a shelf, and she is – more or less – Hypatia, a historical figure I have a great deal of attachment to. (She’s popularly considered to have been the last librarian at the Great Library of Alexandria, but the actual history’s a bit more complex than that. However, she *was* devoted to learning and knowledge, and its preservation.)

When it comes to professional patronage, she’s a pretty obvious ancestral figure (far more, in some ways, than deities associated with either writinga clay figurine: a woman with black hair and a blue dress seated on the edge of a step reading a book. or learning, which are only parts of what I do as a librarian.)

She is designed to sit on the edge of a bookshelf, as you can see – she’s about 5″ from the bottom of her skirt to the top of her head. The thing she’s holding looks like a book, but it’s properly a leather cover and some sheets of paper/parchment, as bound books are not quite appropriate to her time period.

There’s an alpha (the first letter in the Greek alphabet) on one sheet, and an Omega on the other (the last letter). As they were so thin, they browned on the edges before the rest of the clay was fired fully: I actually really like the effect. She’s also got this odd trick of appearing to be looking at different pages (or different parts of the page) at times. A trick of the lack of facial features, or something more, I don’t know. It delights me.

a clay figurine: a woman with black hair and a blue dress seated on the edge of a step reading a book.

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