I’m in the midst of the next post in the Seeker series, but I want to pause here – because tomorrow night is the first working for my new group.

The upcoming workings (currently scheduled through Beltane) are being done with a longtime friend and covenmate, and are intended to give me a chance to try out some things before settling into a pattern (and to give her a chance to get a chance to try out some new things). And, of course, the “Not quite sure where I’m going to end up job-wise, so can’t make longer-term plans yet.”

We’re both excited.

Tomorrow’s working is by way of being a preparatory working – setting up some patterns for future use, so that we don’t need to do it next month (when we actually will need it for one of our tradition-specific rituals). We’re also trying out a new circle cast (that I finished Wednesday), new quarter calls, and maybe some new other things. We wanted to start simple, before we get to the more complex work coming up. (You can tell that she’s an engineer by training, and I’m a librarian: we prefer our change in stages where we can isolate what happened if something goes wacky.)

I have bread rising (a variant of my spice and honey loaf that I hope will work), and I’m now comfortably trying to figure out last minute details. But there’s always last minute details.

1) Do we want to try a new chant or two? Which ones? Should I make a mix CD of background music for some of this?

2) What do I want to wear, and how does that set the tone for what we do going forward? (Hey, by this point, I have a range of ritual clothing.) What jewelry do I want to wear, and what are the ritual implications of it? (I have a number of specifically dedicated or focus pieces.)

3) Thinking about various parts of what I’m responsible for tomorrow, and how I want to approach them (quarter calls, deity call, etc.) Have I forgotten anything? I’m a big fan of “Begin as you mean to go on” these days, so I want to make sure I think of things in advance.

4) Remembering to pack various and sundry things. (We are, for the time being, alternating locations between her home and mine.)

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