A day in the life: January 25th & 26th, 2008

You actually get two days, this time, as they’re closely interconnected.


5:45 : Get up. Morning computer time, devotional work, making of tea.

7:10 : Leave for work. Work until 4pm.

4:00: Drive to a friend’s house to walk. Get told at a stoplight that my back right tire has gone flat. Limp up to her house (a mile or so) to change it. Get lucky – her husband is working from home, and able to come out and help change it. (It was about 10 degrees out, and while I know the theory, I’ve never actually changed a tire before.)

5:30: Drive carefully up to our covenstead on the donut tire to be part of the 2nd degree elevation ritual for a dear friend and covenmate. The last time my HPS and HP did this ritual was my elevation over 2 years ago. We have a fantastic time, and everything goes beautifully, despite a little last-minute scrambling.

9:30: Finish ritual (we started at 7) and take off for the celebratory food part of the evening, at Ruby Tuesday’s, with other people not at the ritual. (I incidentally recommend their strawberry lemonade.)

11:30: Leave there, drive carefully home. Make online appointment with my car dealership for 8:15 using their online automated system.

12:30: Actually go to sleep.


7:20 : Get up, rapidly pack everything I need for the day (ritual gear, ritual clothing, bread for the ritual, and a few other things) and head out carefully to the dealership (which is a 20 minute drive.)

8:15: Explain things to the dealership and go off to read in the waiting room.

9:45: They’re done with everything and send me on the way with a repaired tire, two other small (and cheap!) fixes, and the oil change and new filter I was due for. More money than I really wanted to spend, but far less than it could have been.

9:50: Go have brunch/breakfast at Perkins, because I know I won’t be eating again until after ritual in the evening, and something substantial is called for.

11:00: Arrive at the January temporary librarian job (I’ve been working at the school I got my MLIS degree at on Monday and Tuesday evenings, and Saturday and Sunday 12-5 filling in for a librarian who was out of the country teaching in January.) Catch up on email and online conversations upstairs at a free computer.

12:00: Head downstairs and go to work at the reference desk. Develop a splitting headache which is helped a little by going and getting water, but not as much as I’d like.

4:20: The friend I’m driving up to ritual shows up after busing over to the school. I get her to go get me another drink, and she hangs out and reads in the library until I’m done.

5:00: Get in the car, drive to the covenstead.

5:30: Arrive at the covenstead for full moon ritual. Did I mention that I’m priestessing and that gather time was 5pm? (They knew I’d be showing up as soon as I finished work and got up there, obviously.)

Peel out of the winter outerwear, drop the required items for this ritual in the assigned baskets, change rapidly into ritual dress and jewelry, take 30 seconds to ground and center, and head downstairs to check with my priest for the evening and run through any last minute changes with the person who wrote the ritual. We do that.

6:00: We’re in ritual. It’s fantastic – everything goes very smoothly, we pick up cues, and the people trying out new roles do an amazing job.

8:45: We finish ritual (it was quite long: we were doing oracular work). We head upstairs, grab food, and settle down for a little bit to hang out and socialise.

9:20: The friend I drove and I head out for the other party we need to get to (a 25th wedding anniversary for a very dear friend of hers, and a friend of mine) Informal party, but it was important that she go, and I wanted to.

10:45: Leave that party, I drop my friend at home, and go home and fall over.

Sunday, thankfully, was a little more peaceful: I slept late, got up around 9, got myself off to work from 12-5, and then met up with friends for the season premiere of Torchwood on Tivo, and pizza, and other goodnesses.

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