Recent planning

So, Wednesday night, I showed up at my friend L’s house, and in the hour before we left for our evening meeting, we came up with a plan.

Our basic outline:

We currently have 6 rituals planned out through Beltane:

  • February 16th : A full moon
  • March 8th: A tradition specific one
  • March 20th: Combined spring equinox (the 19th) and full moon (the 21st)
  • April 5th: A new moon
  • May 3rd: Beltane

I’m going to stop attending rituals with my current group on March 7th, but L’s going to continue ritual with them for the time being, so part of our scheduling is about not requiring her to be in two places at the same time.

We also need to schedule an evening of prep work for the March 8th ritual: this may not be a full blown ritual set-up, though.

Our goals:

Our immediate goals look something like this:

Goal 1) A regular ritual cycle.

We’re eventually aiming for Sabbats, full moons, and some sort of shared practice or focus for new moons (but not necessarily a group ritual or even getting together.) You’ll notice that this isn’t there yet. That’s because of goal 2.

Goal 2) Not overwhelming ourselves.

We want time to think about each ritual, and to have time to deconstruct and fiddle and play with things in the planning stages. (Plus, we’re starting from scratch on these, in many ways.) We also are working around L’s ongoing commitments elsewhere.

Thus, we’re aiming at 1-2 rituals per month for the immediate future (and expecting we’ll be getting together for dinner to talk and plan more often.) The fact that the Sabbats and full moons are tending to line up close together in early 2008 doesn’t hurt here, actually (especially after avoiding whatever day the current group is scheduled for.)

Goal 3) To spend these rituals doing some work toward determining ongoing deity work.

Core discussions about the tradition have come down to the agreement that our initiatory deities should be the same, but that moons and Sabbats are open to other combinations than we currently work with. I am fond of those deities, but not particularly pulled towards them (and L feels the same way), so exploration seems in order.

Discussion and thought has lead us toward three potential pairs (possibly with a summer/winter model or exchange), and so our first four rituals are going to include work with each of them in turn. At that point, we’ll evaluate and see if there’s something we want to have turn into a longer-running set of work/exploration, or not.

Goal 4) To share ritual writing and responsibility for the time being.

Eventually, I’d like to go to a more complex model, but for two people, collaboration is great and in many ways, ideal. We are going to explore how 2 person rituals are different from rituals designed for 8-20 people (the sizes we have the most experience with.) and I expect to write quite a lot more about that as we try things out.

What’s after that?

I’m desperately hoping that I’ll have a good idea of long-term job choices by Beltane, in which case we can move forward with longer-term plans. We do not want to open up to other potential members, never mind potential students, until we’re sure I’m going to stay in the area.

If we don’t know where I’ll be by early April, we’ll schedule some more, and come up with some other things to try. (One we know we want to do, but that isn’t currently scheduled, is a Roman feast, complete with garum, or at least as close an approximation as we’re going to get.)

The thing we’re not worried about is seeing each other for discussion: I’ve ended up over there for dinner about every third week, easily, and it’s something we enjoy a tremendous amount. Or tea. Or walking. Or gardening, when it stops being winter.

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