Immediate plans

I’ve had this post titled “Plan A and Plan B” sitting in my drafts folder for, oh, two weeks now. See, I’m not sure where I’m going to end up getting the professional library job I’m looking for currently – and the details of establishing a new group depend to some extent on whether I stay local to the Twin Cities (what I really want!) or not. So, let’s try a slightly different take.

While I’m figuring out the job thing, I need some plans.

Stopping before starting:

Real soon now, I am going to stop attending rituals with the group I’ve been with since 2001 (and from whom I’m hiving.) We’re still figuring out exactly when the break is going to be (and there’s no amazing urgency), but it’s likely that Imbolc will be my last ritual with the group for a while.

[Digression: Why a break? It's not being required of me, but I think it's a good idea. I think it's important for other people to move into the roles I've had, and for people to get used to me not being there: it's not a requirement.

How long? We're talking 6 months, with the idea that it may be flexible, depending on circumstance (and that I may be back for the two Sabbats that are on our list for joint rituals if I stay in the area: Litha and Samhain.) I'd also consider it for initiations if that were appropriate. End digression.]

Now through early February:

1) There’s one tradition-specific ritual that we do this time of year: I will be there for that. (Note: it’s going to be early March.)

2) I expect to attend my current group’s Imbolc (for various reasons, it’s a good starting point.)

3) I will do a ‘foundation of new group’ ritual. Possibly by myself, more likely with my current covenmate L, who is interested in ongoing work with me (assuming I stay local. Yes, we’ve worked this out with the current group.)

4) I will come up with a list of 4-6 things I’d like to do rituals relating to in the next 3-4 months, so we can see how things go. And we’ll look at rituals at which to do them.

5) Somewhere in here, I *will* get a job, at which point we figure out where we go from there.

The next steps?

1) Come up with that list.

2) Start doing stuff.

3) Have a vague idea of where I want plan A and B to go, so that when I know which it is, I can move forward on them without a lot of scrambling.

(Why? Scrambling makes me crabby. Lack of formal ritual work makes me crabby. I try to avoid the crabby, therefore, planning is good. )

  • Lupa

    Why a break? It’s not being required of me, but I think it’s a good idea. I think it’s important for other people to move into the roles I’ve had, and for people to get used to me not being there: it’s not a requirement.

    I agree that it’s a good idea. It will give the old group a chance to “re-group” around your leaving, and it will also let you focus exclusively on the new one. But I also like the idea of “checking in” after six months; it lets people know you haven’t just forgotten about them.

  • Jenett

    Oh, yes.

    I’m not planning on disappearing, either: I expect to be attending social events (our ongoing gaming session of some of the current group members, birthday parties, movie outings, etc.) regardless, too. (Especially if I don’t move, but some of them even if I do.)

    It’s also partly a time thing: if I have nice full moon rituals I don’t have to mostly plan, and so on, I’m going to be less motivated to come up with things myself: if I don’t have things competing for my time around that time, I’ll be more likely to be thorough about it in the way I’d prefer to be.

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