A day in the life : January 4th, 2008

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I’m working a temporary job in January (as a reference librarian, woo!) that means I’m working Monday and Tuesday evenings (except for this week, when it’s been Wednesday/Thursday, due to the New Year’s holiday), and Saturday and Sunday afternoons. I’m off from my day job until Monday, but that means that today was my last day with no scheduled work until January 21st. (I love both jobs, but still, that’s a little depressing.)

What’d I do? Go out with friends.

7am: Wake up, get through my morning routine.

8:20am: Head off to pick up one friend from her house, then drive to pick up the other:

9:20am: Arrive at the Science Museum of Minnesota. We were going to see the touring Pompeii exhibit. We went down to see one friend’s mother-in-law (who works there), then got in line for 10am tickets for the exhibit.

10-11:45: We have a fantastic time in the exhibit (they have some interesting religious items – statues, lares, etc. – and some fascinating other items. They also have six of the plaster casts made from the forms of people (and animals) trapped in the explosion, which are very human. We then go have lunch.

12:30 : We come back and look at an excellent exhibit on raptors and birds of prey (covering biology, environmental aspects, cultural usages in the Native American population, and rehab and medicine issues. Very nicely done.) We divert to check out the seismic tone generator downstairs, and…

2pm: Come back up for a puppet theatre show called “The Pumpkin Girl” recommended by my friend’s MIL. (Very endearing and sweet: it’s a folk tale from Iran which has some resemblance to Cinderella. Also, it has an ogre, a wolf, a lion, and a girl in a pumpkin. What’s not to like?) We then hang out and chat to friend’s MIL and co-workers for a good bit, cheerfully geeking about rocks, bones, and other interesting natural objects.

3pm: We go to the Omnitheatre. I’d been warned by a co-worker that this film (about Greece and Greek history) is amazingly boring (She’s a Latin teacher. Her comment is “How can you make Greece boring? They did. It was very strange.”) But she’d recommended the visuals (which were stunning, but really, Santorini does that nicely without too much need to help, and the tickets were free.) At the end of the show, we discovered that all three of us wanted to snark about the same bits of narration (which is part of why these people are my close friends: we share similar desires in our information resources.)

4pm: We head to the gift shop (where I find a gorgeous and surprisingly inexpensive glass jar that I intend to use for water on my eventual group altar: it’s a clear turquoise glass.) We putter at books, and head off.

4:30: We go to two stores we want to introduce my second friend to – one is an excellent consignment store that friend one and I had great luck in previously. We have a fantastic time, find things we like, and get a chance to try on things and get feedback. (These two friends and another are all collaborating to get me a more interesting wardrobe that still meets my requirements for comfort and wearability: I was wearing one of our recent finds today which was a loose fitting silk shirt that was incredibly comfortable and flattering and interesting! (Far more so than my usual turtlenecks…)

The other store is called “Fairy Godmother” which has all sorts of lovely little things. (and also one of the best card selections for people I’m likely to give greeting cards to.) We spent less time here, because we were getting tired, but it was good to stop in. I drove both friends back, and ….

7pm: Get home myself. Have computer time, cat-petting time, a bath, some dinner – and now it’s 11pm, and I need to aim at playing my harp and going to bed.

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