A day in the life: Tuesday, Dec. 18th

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To get an idea of a typical day when I’m not doing anything hugely scheduled, here is my yesterday.

5:45 : My alarm goes off with a gentle CD. I pet the cat, get up, use the bathroom, and settle down to my morning computer check. While on the computer, put my hair up for the day, have the extract I take. I try to eat breakfast, but this is not one of the days when that happens.

6:40: I do my brief morning devotionals – right now, this involves a brief welcome to the four quarters and to my deities. Sometimes it involves some moving meditation (dance, in my case). I also apply a little perfume, the other part of my daily practice.

6:55ish: I fill the electric kettle with water and turn it on. My herbalist wants me to drink at least two cups of the tea mix she suggests every day, so I boil water, add it to my french press mug, bring it to work, and stop it steeping when I get there. Get dressed while the water is going.

7:10: Walk out of the house, petting the cat one last time.

7:30: I’m at work, and I’ll be here until 4pm. (The joy of school schedules.) It’s the last day before finals, so there’s a lot of chaos, but it’s a decent day. Our current online resource project is almost ready to go. I eat lunch around 11:30, as usual.

4:10: Leave a little bit late, due to waiting for one of our tech guys to finish up fixing something in the lab. Head off to a friend’s house for our regular walking date.

4:40: Arrive at friend’s house. We do a short walk, because the air quality is not great, and I need to run bunches of errands. We figure out plans for help with party prep for her party on Friday, talk about various things, and work out other bits of scheduling.

5:10: I’m in the car again to drop off books at the library near her, and pick up a couple on hold. As always, I walk out with about 10 books. Once I’m out of the library, I head out to do some shopping.

5:40: I stop by one of our malls to hit both Borders (for a particular CD from a local music ensemble for my mother) and PetSmart (for more cat food). I get out of both fairly fast, even though there’s a line at Borders.

6:30: I walk in the door at home, and immediately set yeast proofing for bread, since I’ve been really strongly encouraged to bring another loaf like the one I brought to Yule to our meeting on Wednesday. (It’s my basic bread recipe with cinnamon, nutmeg, and cardamon instead of my usual herbs. Also about a third of a stick of softened butter.)

6:45: I’ve changed, and the bread is mixed and rising. I start marinating some mushrooms for baked mushrooms later, and I steam some potstickers for dinner, part 1. Once those are in progress, I work on some computer stuff. I chat with a friend on IM, thank another for a card, and catch up on various fora.

7:30: The mushrooms go in to bake for a bit. I work on shaping the bread (which refuses to behave) but is rising nicely. I give up on shaping, and dust it with crushed amber sugar crystals, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

8:20: The bread goes in. I bake it for 20 minutes, decide that it needs a little longer. By the time it’s done, out, and cooled, it’s after 9, and I decide I’ll have a bath in the morning, rather than before bed (my usual preference).

9:30: I go to bed (setting the alarm to 5:30 to allow for the bath), the cat curls up, and I read until I fall asleep. (Current read: Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters: The Frightening New Normalcy of Hating Your Body by Courtney Martin: it got recommended in about 3 places I read in the space of a week.)

Other events this week include taking a friend food shopping on Monday (she doesn’t drive, so I take her out to Trader Joe’s every two weeks or so when I do my own run.), this on Tuesday, a meeting on Wednesday, and helping the above friend with party prep on Thursday. I’ll probably talk about this week’s Wednesday tomorrow.

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